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Digital world champion

Conference "Mastering innovation and resilience in the digital age"

If you want to know what the digital future will look like, it is worth taking a look at Singapore. Singapore has some of the fastest internet speeds on the planet, 150 % mobile penetration and an average of 6 hours of 41 minutes of internet usage per day. It is a rather digital society already. As a city-state with limited space, it offers the best conditions for digital innovation. A strong government vision, a top-down approach, long-term planning, and strong citizens' trust in their government paired with excellent infrastructure make it an experimental field for new technologies. more…

Katharina Naumann | May 28, 2018

Digital dialogue between utopia and dystopia

Ambitions of Asian economies are immense

Over the past two decades, the American Silicon Valley has become the center of gravity for software and IT companies causing far-reaching social change through digital innovation and business models. Due to the promising economic outlook, Asian countries also aim to drive the digital future - with big steps and strong political will. In Beijing, Singapore, Tokyo, and Seoul, digital technologies are seen as an opportunity to accelerate economic development. more…

David Gregosz, Katharina Naumann | May 2, 2018

Konrad Adenauer School for Young Politicians (KASYP): Third Training Workshop for KASYP Batch 2017-2018

Leadership Training in Campaigning in Kathmandu, Nepal

The Konrad Adenauer School for Young Politicians (KASYP) is a regional programme for Asian political leaders aged 25-35 years old who have a keen interest in developing personal skills sets and knowledge capacities in order to better contribute to their democratic political parties and communities back home. In order to further develop their skill set, the 8th KASYP batch met in Nepal from 26th to 30th March 2018 for their third workshop; this time to receive "Leadership Training in Campaigning". more…

Dr. Frederick Kliem | April 5, 2018

ASEAN Security Connectivity: Second Workshop

“Concept and Practice”

Building on the great success of the inaugural workshop on ASEAN Security Connectivity (ASC) in Singapore, KASPDA proceeded with the second edition from March 19 to 21 in Hanoi, Vietnam. Together with our valued partner, the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam (DAV) and the KAS Vietnam country office, we brought the ASC core group together again, in order to develop a way forward for ASEAN security cooperation. more…

Dr. Frederick Kliem | April 5, 2018

Digitalization in Asia and Germany

Study trip of Asian experts to Berlin

How will the advancing digitalization in the coming decades influence our society, politics, work and security? And how can politics set framework conditions, promote positive developments and mitigate negative ones? At the invitation of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, 13 experts from nine Asian nations traveled to Berlin to exchange ideas with German representatives from politics, science and industry for a week. more…

Katharina Naumann | March 10, 2018

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