Tracking Climate Policy in Cities

Stakeholders' Dialogue with Paris Watch

Cities play a crucial role in climate change mitigation and adaptation. How is Hong Kong doing on the Paris Agreement? Paris Watch will track Hong Kong's performance in meeting the goals of COP21. It aims to help accelerate local climate action in similar cities around the world. more…

Energy Transformation in Taiwan

Taiwan has to make fundamental decisions about its future energy system. By 2025, all nuclear power plants will be shut down. But how can a safe and sustainable energy supply for Taiwan be ensured in the future? This was discussed with members of the German Bundestag in Taipei. more…

Study Visit to Singapore

City Redevelopment in the Era of Climate Change

Singapore’s efforts in urban planning are well-recognized in Asia. How does the city achieve sustainable development when addressing challenges posed by climate change? With Georgia State University, KAS RECAP conducts a study tour on Governing Climate Change at the Local Level in Singapore in June. more…



The Regional Project Energy Security and Climate Change Asia-Pacific, based in Hong Kong SAR, PR China, supports the political dialogue between decision makers in the region and with Europe concerning challenges of the energy and climate policy. The project develops solutions and concrete projects of sustainability in politics, economy and society.



Sep. 6 - 8

The Future of Global Energy Security in the Age of Digitalization

Geostrategic Implications for Regional and Global Energy Markets

Oct. 7 - 9

Energy Security and Energy Market Integration in South Asia

Improving Energy Access and Enhancing Regional Stability

Oct. 31 - Nov. 2
Hong Kong

Climate Change and Human Responses

International Conference

Nov. 13 - 14
Hong Kong

Sustainability in Global Value Chains

International Workshop

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Balancing Urban Development and Heritage Protection

Experiences from Singapore

Singapore is transforming itself into a smart and sustainable city. Its concepts and efforts in urban planning, green development and resource management have made it an outstanding among metropolitan cities in the world. How [...] more…

Enhancing Hong Kong’s Energy Efficiency

Lessons from China and Germany

Private and public buildings count for a large portion of overall energy consumption in cities. Therefore, energy-efficient buildings are one of the key issues to mitigate climate change. A research project by the Hong Kong [...] more…

Mega cities and their role in mitigating climate change

Kick-off Event

Cities and global city networks play a crucial role in combating climate change. Has there been any progress since the Paris Climate Agreement of 2015? And what about the situation in Hong Kong? Local KAS RECAP partner "Paris [...] more…

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