Regional Power Integration Models Around the World

ASEAN Energy Ministers recently agreed on the creation of an ASEAN Electricity Exchange to facilitate power trade across the region. At a workshop in Jakarta, experts and officials discussed best practices. Dr. Peter Hefele, director of KAS RECAP, presented two power integration models from Europe. more…

Policy Brief

Integrating Electricity in the ASEAN region

Power interconnection in the ASEAN region is the topic of a new study from ESI, funded by KAS RECAP. The study looks at lessons learnt from the international experience and analyzes the driving factors for an integrated electricity market in the ASEAN region. more…


Global Emissions Reductions and Role of Germany

The Paris Agreement on climate change (COP21) aims at limiting global warming to well below two degrees Celsius. An international KAS study examined the emissions reduction policies of the world’s four largest producers of GHG: China, India, Russia and the USA – and how they view the German "Energiewende". more…



The Regional Project Energy Security and Climate Change Asia-Pacific, based in SAR Hong Kong, PR China, supports the political dialogue between decision makers in the region and with Europe concerning challenges of the energy and climate policy. The project develops solutions and concrete projects of sustainability in politics, economy and society.



June 18 - 21

Meeting Energy Demands in Asia: 40th IAEE International Conference

Implications for Energy and Environmental Markets

June 25 - July 9

A New Paradigm of Chinese Urban Development?

International students visit four Chinese megacities to examine sustainable urbanisation concepts

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Previous events

Mar. 20 - 25

Global Emissions Reductions: Motivations, Obstacles and Germany’s Role

Presentation of an international KAS survey

Mar. 15 - 16

EU-Asian Sustainable Management

EU-China Relations in Global Politics


Towards an Integrated ASEAN Electricity Market

HAPUA-UNESCAP Meeting in Jakarta

The ASEAN Vision 2020 emphasises the need to construct energy networks across ASEAN. The ASEAN Power Grid (APG) was created as the flagship of this vision to achieve three objectives: (a) achieve long-term security, availability, [...] more…

Global Emissions Reductions and the German "Energiewende"

Presentation of an international KAS survey

The Paris Agreement on climate change (COP21) aims at limiting global warming to well below two degrees Celsius. This can only be achieved through a fast and dramatic reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). A new study by [...] more…

Seeking for Asia-Euro Sustainable Development

Luncheon discussion with European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan

More than 50 participants from academia and business attended a luncheon discussion on "Sustainable Management" at Grand Hyatt Hotel in Taipeh/Taiwan. The European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan ECCT, in cooperation with [...] more…

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