Investments in a greener future

Carbon trading from an investors' perspective

Emission trading systems (ETS) are commonly seen as a promising instrument of economic politics to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. A workshop examines how the regulatory framework of ETS (with focus on China and the EU) can be designed to promote investments in the production of clean energy. more…

Energy Security in East Asia

Keeping the Lights on During Energy Transition

The energy sector in East Asia is facing a profound transformation. The countries are striving to bring economic and environmental sustainability in accordance. A seminar by KAS RECAP and Chatham House sheds lights on these challenges considering new technological and regulatory developments. more…

Climate Change and Resources Security

Challenges for the Security Sector in South Asia

In the very densely populated South Asia, the various impacts of global warming and increasingly hampered access to dwindling natural resources pose serious threats on traditional and non-traditional security in the region. A workshop in Colombo will elaborate possible solutions for the security sector. more…



The Regional Project Energy Security and Climate Change Asia-Pacific, based in Hong Kong SAR, PR China, supports the political dialogue between decision makers in the region and with Europe concerning challenges of the energy and climate policy. The project develops solutions and concrete projects of sustainability in politics, economy and society.



Nov. 22

Greening East Asia's energy sector

2017 World Energy Council International Symposium

Nov. 30 - Dec. 1

Climate Change and Resource Security in South Asia

Exploring Security Risks of Climate Change

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Previous events

Nov. 17
Hong Kong

Investment Perspectives on Carbon Trading Systems (ETS)

Lessons from the EU Experience for Asia

Oct. 23 - 24
Hong Kong

Strategic challenges for KAS in Asia

Planning conference of the KAS regional programme directors in Asia and Pacific


Power Interconnection in the ASEAN Region

Lessons Learnt from International Experience

This paper discusses the development of power interconnection in ASEAN, focusing on the recently announced interconnection concept between Lao People’s Democratic Republic (PDR), Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore (LTMS). As [...] more…

Asian Cities in Transnational Networks on Climate Change

Act Global, Think Urban: Hong Kong & Singapore

This paper explores the experiences of two iconic Asian cities – Singapore and Hong Kong – as members of transnational urban networks on climate change. It sets their activities within the C40 and SEANCC networks in the context [...] more…

Podcast: East Asian Energy Security

Keeping the Lights on During the Transition

The electricity sector is vital for modern society. Policy makers, regulators and the industry have to ensure that electricity remains affordable and secure. But, national and international climate targets have to be met, too. [...] more…

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