120th birthday of Ludwig Erhard

Social market economy going global?

The Social Market Economy has transformed Germany to a prosperous country and made it a reputable trade partner worldwide. What can other regions learn from the ideas of Konrad Adenauer and Ludwig Erhard? The article discusses the current situation, opportunities and perspectives of Asia and the cooperation with Europe. more…

KAS RECAP Audio Podcast

Cities in global climate diplomacy

Our new KAS RECAP Audio Podcast commences with an interview with Professor Maria Francesch-Huidobro (Hong Kong) abouth the role of Hong Kong and Singapore in global climate politics. more…


Regional Power Integration Models Around the World

ASEAN Energy Ministers recently agreed on the creation of an ASEAN Electricity Exchange to facilitate power trade across the region. At a workshop in Jakarta, experts and officials discussed best practices. Dr. Peter Hefele, director of KAS RECAP, presented two power integration models from Europe. more…



The Regional Project Energy Security and Climate Change Asia-Pacific, based in SAR Hong Kong, PR China, supports the political dialogue between decision makers in the region and with Europe concerning challenges of the energy and climate policy. The project develops solutions and concrete projects of sustainability in politics, economy and society.



June 8

The Future of Oil and Gas in Asia

Lessons from the Energy Transitions?

June 18 - 21

Meeting Energy Demands in Asia: 40th IAEE International Conference

Implications for Energy and Environmental Markets

June 25 - July 9

A New Paradigm of Chinese Urban Development?

International students visit four Chinese megacities to examine sustainable urbanisation concepts

June 26

International Trade Regimes and Sustainable Development

A Review of European and Asian Trade Policies

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Podcast: Cities as global actors in combating climate change

Interview with Professor Dr. Maria Francesch, Hong Kong

For decades nation states have been the main drivers and often also objectors in international climate policy. The COP21 conference in Paris has seen a range of new influential actors: NGOs, multinational companies – and cities. [...] more…

Social market economy going global?

Towards an Asia-Europe partnership in global economic governance

After the Second World War the modell of the "Social Market Economy" (Soziale Marktwirtschaft) has transformed Germany into an economically and socially prosperous country. What can other regions learn from the ideas of Ludwig [...] more…

Towards an Integrated ASEAN Electricity Market

HAPUA-UNESCAP Meeting in Jakarta

The ASEAN Vision 2020 emphasises the need to construct energy networks across ASEAN. The ASEAN Power Grid (APG) was created as the flagship of this vision to achieve three objectives: (a) achieve long-term security, availability, [...] more…

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