Compensating for Climate Change Impacts?

February 17 Friday


February 17 - 18, 2017, 9:00–18:00


Hong Kong SAR, Hong Kong, China


Prof. Detlef SPRINZ (PIK, Berlin), Dr. Peter HEFELE (RECAP, HK), Dr. Katja FRIELER (PIK, Berlin), Dr. Swenja SURMINSKI (LSE, London), Prof. Robert GIBSON (CityU, HK), Prof. Benoit MAYER (CUHK), Dr. Wee Kean FONG (WRI, Beijing)



In light of the debates during COP21 and COP22 on responsibility for climate change-related impacts, this international workshop discusses new institutional settings, improved legal regulations, and innovative business models to cope with.

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International experts from climate change research, policy advisors and insurance business will discuss new approaches on how financial markets, insurances and other risk management measures can solve or limit the conundrum of loss & damage/compensation for climate impacts, which can neither avoided by mitigation nor reduced by adaptation.

The following topics will be presented:

  • Can the effects of anthropogenic forcing and natural climate variability on climate impacts be separated?
  • Compensation & Politics: What is the state of international negotiations and of national efforts to institutionalize compensation/loss & damage
  • Legal Aspects: Who is liable for climate impacts? Can a new definition of property rights make compensation the cornerstone of climate governance?
  • Assessing and predicting climate damages: Which is the scope of present and future damages – and on which scientific basis can we assess the risks?
  • Which business models for climate risk management are practically feasible? Which are desirable? What is the role of governmental institutions?
  • How can institutions for compensation be created on a long-term basis?


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Global Climate Vulnerability Index 2016

How to share responsibility and compensate for climate change Impacts — Global Climate Vulnerability Index 2016

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