Climate Change and Resource Security in South Asia

Exploring Security Risks of Climate Change

November 30 Thursday


November 30 - December 1 2017, 09.00 - 18.00


Colombo, Sri Lanka


Asanga Abeyagoonasekera,Institute of National Security Studies Sri Lanka; Dr Peter Hefele, KAS RECAP; Dr Nishchal Pandey, Director, Centre for South Asian Studies; Netra Bahadur THAPA, Lt. Gen. (retd.), Senior Advisor to the President of Nepal



The workshop in joint cooperation with COSATT/Nepal and INSSSL/Sri Lanka will focus on the challenges and effects of climate change on national and regional security in South Asia. It will particular emphasis on the role of the Security Sector.

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The effects of climate change on national security strategies and modes of operation for armed forces have hardly been scrutinized adequately. New concepts have to be developed and transnational cooperation to be strengthened.

The workshop wants to contribute to an increased exchange of knowledge within the SAARC region. Experts from Europe, the US and Australia will share the experience and debates from their home countries.

Among others, the following topics to be discussed with a special focus on resource security and climate change:

  • the shifting geopolitical environment in South Asia and the need for revised national security concepts
  • a revision of strategic and operational concepts for security forces
  • the deepening of civil‐military cooperation to increase the effectiveness of disaster response management

The event further aims at:

  • offering a platform for exchange between representatives from different continents and backgrounds
  • promoting networks of think tanks and experts within Asia and with Europe, the US and Australia
  • paving the way for further trans‐regional cooperation
  • conceptualizing adaptation strategies for the security sector in South Asia
US National guard fighting against flood.

Climate Change will create new challenges for armed forces around the world.

Contact person

Johannes Vogel

Project manager


Centre for South Asian Studies (CSAS) The Institute of National Security Studies (INSSSL)