Strategic challenges for KAS in Asia

Planning conference of the KAS regional programme directors in Asia and Pacific

October 23 Monday


October 23 - 24, 2017


Hong Kong SAR, Hong Kong, China


Rabea Brauer, head of team Asia and Pacific, KAS; Dr. Peter Hefele; Wolfgang Niedermark



The environment of the international work of KAS is dramatically changing at a rapid pace. Therefore, the Foundation needs to keep adapting its strategies to new conditions in order to continue its work as professional partner in Asia.

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The directors of the KAS regional programmes in Asia and Pacific as well as the Head of KAS Team Asia and Pacific on 23/24th October 2017 will gather for the first time in Hong Kong SAR for their annual planning conference. The main issues to be discussed are tightened working conditions in the region; the implementation of new topics such as digitalisation and migration; and a deeper integration of country and regional activities.


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The future of Asia

Asia: Challenges and perspectives of a dynamic continent

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