Greening East Asia's energy sector

2017 World Energy Council International Symposium

November 22 Wednesday


November 22, 2017, 13.30 - 17.30


Seoul, South Korea



The World Energy Council is going to hold its 2017 International Energy Symposium in Seoul/South Korea. The event deals with the challenges of harmonizing environment and energy policy on the Korean peninsula and beyond.

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The new Korean administration of President Moon Jae-in has determined to make a turnaround in the country’s energy policy, heading towards a greener future. The government announced to halt the construction of planned coal and nuclear plants while increasing the use of natural gas from 18% to 27% and make renewables account for 20% by 2030. Other countries in the region are likewise committed to profoundly change their energy mix, as ambitious plans in China and Japan show. However, despite well formulated policies, many issues are yet to be solved: how to couple a sustainable transition of energy politics with climate protection; to ensure supply stability; and to maintain economic growth. The symposium will tackle these questions with a special focus on South Korea.

Europe provides an insightful example for a sustainable long-term energy strategy. Germany´s "Energiewende" is closely observed by experts and policiy makers in Asia. During the symposium, Dr. Peter Hefele, director of KAS RECAP, will present lessons to be learnt from Germany´s recent energy transformation. He will discuss policy framing, system integration and economic incentives. He will also draw conclusions for South Korea on how to make energy system transitions successful and economically feasible.

Spinning wind wheels in the design of the Korean flag

Like all East Asian countries, South Korea is striving to diversify its energy sources. Photo: (c) Julia Roberts,

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