Energy Efficient Retrofiting of Commercial Buildings

Launch of a Practical Guide to Reducing Carbon Emissions

December 12 Tuesday


December 12, 2017, 16.00 - 18.00


Hong Kong SAR, Hong Kong, China


Dr Peter Hefele, KAS RECAP; Ir Alfred Sit, HKSAR Government; Mr Richard Lancaster, BEC; Ms Maya de Souza, BEC; Mr Jonathan Yau, Cundall Hong Kong Limited


Book Presentation

In metropolitan areas like Hong Kong, energy efficiency of buildings plays a key role in greenhouse gas emissions' reduction. KAS RECAP and HK Business Environmental Council BEC launch "A Guide for Energy Improvement of Commercial Buildings".

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In Hong Kong, approximately 70 per cent of the city's greenhouse gas emissions come from electricity generation. 90 per cent of electricity is consumed by buildings. Among them, commercial buildings, such as offices and hotels, are responsible for over 60 per cent of buildings' energy consumption. For businesses, energy usage constitutes a significant part of regular expenses.

The workshop will introduce a practical guidebook, which was developed and funded by KAS RECAP. It provides detailed information about energy efficient technologies and measures for reducing energy consumption. In addition, a retrofit calculator is included for estimating costs and benefits associated with different energy saving schemes. The guide and tool will enable sustainability managers to make more accurate investments in retrofitting buildings or new projects.

The book presentation will be followed by a multi-stakeholder panel discussion on its policy, business and social implications. Registration can be done here.


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Green Buildings

Commercial buildings in Hong Kong have a high potential to reduce energy use via adopting energy efficiency programmes.

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