Digitalisation in the energy sector

Challenges for Asia and Europe

September 22 Saturday


September 22 - 28, 2018


Brussels, Belgium; Bonn and Berlin, Germany


Study and Information Program

Digitalisation offers a great opportunity for the energy sector to become more efficient and sustainable, but it also bears security risks. During a study trip, experts from Asia will learn about the current challenges and strategies in Europe.

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Digitalisation is challenging established business models and corporate strategies as well as political decision making and implementation processes. For European and Asian energy politics, there are new opportunities to improve efficiency and implement new value adding chains in the energy sector. In the urban space, a yet to be established smart grid infrastructure and intelligent mobility solutions are excellent examples for climate neutral solutions in an integrated city development. From a viewpoint of security policy, the vulnerability of national and transnational critical supply networks increase along with an ongoing digitalisation. New approaches for analyses and prognoses will change global and regional energy and natural resource markets significantly. This will influence the landscape of energy and resource politics in the coming decades.

Apart from some examples like Singapore, Asia is so far lacking comprehensive concepts to shape digitalisation of the energy sector. Only single technical solutions have been implemented. Europe on the other hand for reasons of climate, industry and security policy needs to invest much more in order to become a global trendsetter and pioneer in the digital revolution. Therefore, KAS RECAP invites experts from eight Asian countries to learn about the approaches, development and challenges of digitalisation in the energy sector.

As prelude, the representatives from academia, politics and energy suppliers will meet various institutions of the EU in Brussels and gain insights in the European energy policy in the digital age. The next station is Bonn where the experts will among others visit the German Federal Network Agency for Electricity, Gas, Telecommunication, Post and Railway. Further insights in the German energy policy follow in Berlin. The experts will, among others, visit the Federal Ministry for Transport and Digital Infrastructure. They will moreover meet representatives from KAS to discuss the implications of digitalisation for the German energy transition. Further topics are strategies for enterprises and municipalities, digital security and implications for governments, energy firms and the private sector in Asia. The study trip is part of the activities of KAS within the topic "digitalisation" of the year 2018.

Digital connection of energy consuming appliances

Electric appliances of all kinds and size - from razors to locomotives - are increasingly interconnected. Intelligent digital regulation can help saving energy and coordinating the use of such appliances in an efficient way.

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