October 9, 2018

Workshop on Energy Security

Energy Market Integration in South Asia

Lack of access to stable and affordable energy is a massive roadblock for further economic and social development in South Asia. Against this backdrop, government representatives and experts came together in Kathmandu, Nepal to discuss options for further regional integration of national energy markets to enhance energy security in South Asia. more…

October 2, 2018
The 17 Sustainable Development Goals

Workshop on SDGs for Young People

Sustainable Asia — Envisioning your Future

Young people are key in helping build an inclusive and promote sustainable development in Asia. However these young activists lack experience and resources to implement their visions. KAS RECAP and the Hong Kong American Center have been hosting online seminars twice a month since May 2018 for five groups from different countries in the Asia Pacific Region. For the first time, these teams got to meet face to face with each other and us and our experts in a two-day workshop in Bangkok

October 2, 2018

Dialogue on Climate Change Action

Hong Kong's first Talanoa Climate Dialogue

Climate change and sustainability is a major concern not just globally but also for Hong Kong. Being one of the most densely populated cities in the world, reducing climate change and improving sustainability is of great importance. 30 people from a range of organizations came together for a Talanoa style Dialogue to discuss the climate action in Hong Kong. Dialogue was focused around three questions proposed by the UNFCCC: Where are we now? Where do we want to get to? How do we get there? more…

September 28, 2018

Sustainability in Global Value Chains

Companies and businesses are increasingly embedded in Global Value Chains. This interconnectivity comes along with an increased responsibility for social and environmental conditions and climate change mitigation. After the first workshop of the event series in Brussels, the second workshop will take place in Hong Kong. more…

September 10, 2018

International Conference in Hong Kong

Climate Change and Human Responses

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century. It does not only have massive impacts on eco-systems, but also on societies and business, in particular for global production chains, value-adding and labor markets. The economic impacts of climate change will be the focus of the conference. more…

September 10, 2018

Regional Workshop in Kathmandu

Energy Security and Energy Market Integration in South Asia

In South Asia, energy demand is growing rapidly. The benefits of an interconnected electricity system in the region have not been fully utilized. What should be done to improve energy access? What are the challenges in energy cooperation between countries in South Asia? more…

July 18, 2018

Digitalisation and energy transition in Europe

The ongoing digitalisation process will deeply impact generation and consumption patterns of electrical energy - both at energy firms and in everyone's private life. Selected scholars and entrepreneurs from eight Asian nations will learn about current developments and concepts during a study trip to Europe. more…

July 17, 2018
Logo of the Sustainable Asia webinar

Sustainable development made in Asia

The young generation is the key for inclusive and sustainable development in Asia. However, there is often a lack of know-how and resources for implementing creative ideas. As part of a webinar, young people from five Asian countries gather in Bangkok to produce videos about their innovative ideas with professional support.

July 16, 2018

International Workshop in Singapore

The Future of Global Energy Security in the Age of Digitalization

Digitalization is one of the key evolving trends of the energy sector. It comes with technological improvements, but also concerns over security. How does digitalization shape future energy systems? What are its geostrategic implications for regional and global energy markets? more…

June 1, 2018

Tracking Climate Policy in Cities

Stakeholders' Dialogue with Paris Watch

Cities play a crucial role in climate change mitigation and adaptation. How is Hong Kong doing on the Paris Agreement? Paris Watch will track Hong Kong's performance in meeting the goals of COP21. It aims to help accelerate local climate action in similar cities around the world. more…