July 18, 2018
Digital connection of energy consuming appliances

Digitalisation and energy transition in Europe

The ongoing digitalisation process will deeply impact generation and consumption patterns of electrical energy - both at energy firms and in everyone's private life. Selected scholars and entrepreneurs from eight Asian nations will learn about current developments and concepts during a study trip to Europe.

July 17, 2018
Logo of the Sustainable Asia webinar

Sustainable development made in Asia

The young generation is the key for inclusive and sustainable development in Asia. However, there is often a lack of know-how and resources for implementing creative ideas. As part of a webinar, young people from five Asian countries gather in Bangkok to produce videos about their innovative ideas with professional support.

July 16, 2018

International Workshop in Singapore

The Future of Global Energy Security in the Age of Digitalization

Digitalization is one of the key evolving trends of the energy sector. It comes with technological improvements, but also concerns over security. How does digitalization shape future energy systems? What are its geostrategic implications for regional and global energy markets? more…

June 1, 2018

Tracking Climate Policy in Cities

Stakeholders' Dialogue with Paris Watch

Cities play a crucial role in climate change mitigation and adaptation. How is Hong Kong doing on the Paris Agreement? Paris Watch will track Hong Kong's performance in meeting the goals of COP21. It aims to help accelerate local climate action in similar cities around the world. more…

May 17, 2018

Energy Transformation in Taiwan

Taiwan has to make fundamental decisions about its future energy system. By 2025, all nuclear power plants will be shut down. But how can a safe and sustainable energy supply for Taiwan be ensured in the future? This was discussed with members of the German Bundestag in Taipei. more…

May 10, 2018

Study Visit to Singapore

City Redevelopment in the Era of Climate Change

Singapore’s efforts in urban planning are well-recognized in Asia. How does the city achieve sustainable development when addressing challenges posed by climate change? With Georgia State University, KAS RECAP conducts a study tour on Governing Climate Change at the Local Level in Singapore in June. more…

May 1, 2018

Digitalisation and energy in asia

Streams of data, thought, and other things

What influence do digitalisation processes have on the use of energy and raw materials in Asia? What innovation dynamics and geopolitical implications result from the potential, still far from exhausted, of these developments? These questions are addressed by an article by Dr Peter Hefele at KAS International. more…

April 24, 2018

7th workshop on EU-China Relations

Eurasian cooperation within the New Silk Road

China's project One Belt - One Road (OBOR) includes dozens of countries in East, Central and South Asia as well as Europe. This great diversity bears chances, but also challenges for a closer cooperation. In the workshop, young experts from all regions discuss the current situation and possible approaches. more…

February 21, 2018

Inaugural Energy Policy Dialogue

Australia, Europe and Asia-Pacific

A newly established "Energy Policy Dialogue" between Australia and Germany serves as platform for discussing current challenges of global energy and climate politics. more…

February 21, 2018
Spinning wind wheels in the design of the Korean flag

German Energy Transition

Lessons for South Korea

South Korea is striving for an energy transition in order to reduce its dependence on fossil resources and reach its climate policy targets. In cooperation with the Korean-German Chamber of Commerce, KAS recap discusses the lessons of the German Energiewende for a new South Korean energy and climate policy.