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Internships at the Regional Project Energy Security and Climate Change in Asia Pacific / Hong Kong

Conditions for an internship:

Internships in Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung | Regional Project Energy Security and Climate Change in Asia-Pacific (RECAP) conduce to the practical training and qualification of students. Interns are treated as regular employees concerning the quality of the given tasks so that the internship can be conducted successfully. However, the internship does not replace a regular position because it conduces primarily to the acquisition of professional knowledge, abilities and skills. Upon completion of the internship, a certificate about the internship will be delivered. Internships at Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) are unpaid. Individual compensation can be paid for project work.

Loyality, personal commitment, team orientation and support of democratic values as they are supported by KAS are crucial requirements for the assignment of interns. Interns from the study fields of political and social sciences, law and economics with a focus on energy and climate policy, particularly with regional focus on Asia, will be preferred. The work in a small team requires a high degree of individual commitment, because the tasks - particularly in the context of the preparation and execution of events - are manifold and diversified. The readiness of interns to participate in evening and weekend events of the KAS and its partners is required.

Furthermore, the scope of work requires discretion and sensitivity. The foundation's offices are part of the German foreign and development politics. This issue requires a diplomatic interaction of the KAS representatives and their interns with the host country China. Besides good manners, this comprises also a cultivated appearance as well as correct clothing for official occasions.

Duration of an internship:

The duration of an internship should last not less than two months and not longer than three months. Exceptions shall be decided in advance.


  1. Organizational support of daily operations of the office
  2. Review of daily press and media
  3. Organizational and functional support of events
  4. Participation in presenting the foundation's work
  5. Contribution to the preparation of reports and the compilation of articles and essays

Language skills:

A very high proficiency of the English language - both orally and written - is precondition for an internship in the country office. A good command in German and/or an other Asian languages (especially Chinese), is very much welcome. Moreover, we expect our interns to have a very good style of expression in the German and English language as well as the ability to formulate texts precisely and well structured as regular reports about all different fields of politics in German and English will be published.

Working hours:

The regular working time is from 9 am to 6 pm, including a lunch break of one hour. Working hours can change on the occasion of events. In such cases, a compensation of working time will be granted.

Arrangement of vacation:

Generally, there is no claim to vacation, safe for personal reasons. If a vacation or absence for other reasons during the intership period is already planned before the accession, KAS must agree in advance.


Interested students please send their CV, brief letter of motivation and a short essay on a chosen topic on energy or climate policy (5,000 characters) to Dr. Peter Hefele, Director of KAS RECAP ( with an indication of the preferred period of internship. Moreover, the completion of year two of a Bachelor degree's programme is required for the internship. The application document should be send half a year before the desired starting date of the internship.


Besides language proficiency, a good knowledge of political and economic developments in the region Asia-Pacific should be acquired in advance. As a starting point see General information about the work of the KAS in the role of a political foundation can be found on

Please be aware that costs of living in Hong Kong are high in comparison to most other cities.

We are looking forward to your application!

Your KAS RECAP team in Hong Kong

Status: 25.8.2017

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