Social market economy going global?

Towards an Asia-Europe partnership in global economic governance

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After the Second World War the modell of the "Social Market Economy" (Soziale Marktwirtschaft) has transformed Germany into an economically and socially prosperous country. What can other regions learn from the ideas of Ludwig Erhard, the father of Germany´s "Wirtschaftswunder" (economic miracle)? Dr. Peter Hefele, Director of RECAP, discusses the current situation, opportunities and perspectives in Asia from the perspective of the Social Market Economy and asks for fields of cooperation between Asia and Europe in achieving a more sustainable economic and social development.

First published in German in: Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung e.V.: Ludwig Erhard. Deutschlands größter Mutmacher, Special issue No. 5 of the journal "Die Politische Meinung", Sankt Augustin/Berlin, May 2017


Dr. Peter Hefele


Berlin, May 1, 2017


Dr. Peter Hefele

Head of the Regional Project Energy Security and Climate Change in Asia and Pacific

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