Energy Security in ASEAN

Looking for Common Solutions and Responses at the Regional Level

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In Cambodia, Lao P.D.R., Myanmar, and Vietnam, energy demand associated with population growth, rapid urbanization, and economic development is constantly rising. To ensure sustainable growth, effective policies to secure reliable, affordable and sufficient energy supply are needed. In a regional forum supported by KAS Cambodia, Dr. Peter Hefele, Director of KAS RECAP, spoke about opportunities and challenges for regional cooperation on energy matters.

South East Asian countries along the Mekong River face a dramatic increase in energy demand, due to urbanisation, industrialisation and population growth.

Energy consumption will triple till 2030. This demand can only be fulfilled in a reliable, affordable and sufficient way, if and only if national energy sector reforms gain momentum and regional cooperation is increased. Comprehensive national energy transformation strategies have to go hand in hand with transborder coordination in the expansion of energy and water resource management.

To reflect on urgent challenges in national resource management and the current status of cooperation between the four countries Cambodia, Lao, Myanmar and Vietnam (CLVM), the influential Cambodian Institute for Cooperation and Peace (CICP) and Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung | Office Cambodia invited high ranking officials from the Cambodian government and energy authorities as well a regional and international experts to an international conference in Phnom Penh/Cambodia.

Detailed analysis of national energy markets, scenarios for future expansion of the hydro-electric power production and proposals for an improved co-management of shared water resources had been presented.

On the part of KAS RECAP, Dr Peter Hefele, Director KAS RECAP, participated. In his presentation, he first looked into recent discussions about a deeper integration of ASEAN energy markets. Major dimensions, such as an efficient use of energy resources, economic benefits, regional investment, expansion of renewable energy and improvement in the access to electricity were analysed. The European Union’s Energy Union and other regional integration processes also served as points of reference and provide valuable lessons for successfully implementing deeper cooperation in South-East Asia. In his summary, Dr Hefele drew several recommendations for policymakers and energy business in South East Asia. A detailed report of the conference will soon be available at

For further information about a future energy transition strategy in Cambodia, see a newly released joint study of the Enrich Institute/Phnom Penh and KAS RECAP (


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China, November 28, 2017

KAS Cambodia Workshop_Energy Security in ASEAN

The conference was attended by officials from ministries, scholars, regional and local experts in the field of energy, economic, hydropower and environment.


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