Asia's climate change and energy security in figures

Diagrams and analysis about current facts and trends

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Being intertwined with all issues of public life, social developments, environmental concerns and diplomacy, the dynamics of energy and climate politics are very complex and hard to understand as a whole. This is especially true for Asia, the naturally and socially most diverse continent on our planet. KAS RECAP has compiled a selection of its previously published graphics, diagrams and maps along with short texts analysing and explaining the respective data. This book supports our general understanding of the nexus of energy and climate politics in Asia by providing clearly arranged insights.

The book is divided into five consecutive chapters:

  • Climate change
  • Energy landscape
  • Renewable energies
  • Nuclear and fossil fuels
  • Energy finance

Each part first depicts the background, basic facts and current trends in the respective topic. Then, concrete issues of specific importance, such as the energy system of selected countries, are introduced in detail. In this sequence, the selected infographics elaborate the complex topics and present them in an easily understandable narrative. Each double pages displays one diagramme or map and the accompanying explanation which sets the concrete data in the wider scene and describes future challenges, implications and possible developments.


Syed Nazakat


China, February 1, 2018


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