Smart Cities in Asia-Pacific

Making Sustainable Transitions Successful

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Dr. Peter Hefele | Event Reports | February 12, 2018

Sustainability and Climate Responsibility in Global Value Chains

On February 1, 2018 the Multinational Development Policy Dialogue of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (MNED) in Brussels, in cooperation with the German Economic Institute (IW) and the Regional Project Energy Security and Climate Change (RECAP) of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in Hong Kong, organized the international workshop “Sustainability and Climate Responsibility in Global Value Chains”. more…

Johannes Hügel | Event Reports | February 1, 2018

Asia's climate change and energy security in figures

Diagrams and analysis about current facts and trends

Being intertwined with all issues of public life, social developments, environmental concerns and diplomacy, the dynamics of energy and climate politics are very complex and hard to understand as a whole. This is especially true for Asia, the naturally and socially most diverse continent on our planet. KAS RECAP has compiled a selection of its previously published graphics, diagrams and maps along with short texts analysing and explaining the respective data. This book supports our general understanding of the nexus of energy and climate politics in Asia by providing clearly arranged insights. more…

Syed Nazakat | February 1, 2018

Hong Kong’s Green Innovations Impact its Energy Market

1st quarter 2018 issue of IAEE Energy Forum

The International Association for Energy Economics quarterly publishes selected essays about recent dynamics and developments in energy politics and economics worldwide. The recent issue features an article by Julie Metta and Jan Deller (City University of Hong Kong) about the challenges for Hong Kong's electricity sector. more…

January 1, 2018

Legacies of Geopolitical Insularity for Urban Energy Transitions Today

Electricity Generation and Use in Singapore and Kota Kinabalu

Low carbon urban transitions are pursued as means to tackle the challenges posed by climate change to urban energy resource flows and services. Research has, so far, been concerned with accounts as to the what, how and why of these low carbon urban transitions, largely omitting how historical legacies in cities’ energy policies and practices affect today’s transitions. The research project by Dr. Maria Francesch, KAS RECAP's Consultant offers insights into the role of path dependency in the energy development in Singapore and Malaysia. more…

Dr. Maria Francesch-Huidobro | December 20, 2017