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Podcast: Energy and climate change in India – Challenges and perspectives

Interview with Prof. Shreekant Gupta | Singapore

India will soon overtake China in its number of population. Lifting hundreds of millions of people out of poverty remains the priority of India’s policy. Energy demands will therefore increase dramatically in the years to come. The same time, the impacts of climate change and environmental degradation are already heavily felt in the country. How can India bridge the challenges of development and climate change mitigation? Listen to Professor Shreekant Gupta, one of the leading experts in India on energy and climate change policy. more…

Dr. Peter Hefele | Country Reports | July 11, 2017

Domestic and Regional Challenges for Kazakhstan´s Energy Transformation

Experts from Asia and Europe elaborate feasible solutions for Central Asia

A joint seminar with Almaty Tech Garden, an innovation hub in Almaty/Kazakhstan, gave KAS RECAP and the European Center for Energy and Resource Security (EUCERS), the opportunity to analyse the domestic and regional challenges for Kazakhstan’s energy transformation. more…

Dr. Peter Hefele | Event Reports | July 10, 2017

Green urbanisation in China: a new vision for the future?

Study trip for international students to Chinese cities

News featuring pictures of Chinese cities bothered by traffic chaos and air pollution is regularly reported from the People's Republic of China. But in the light of stricter environmental regulations by the Chinese central government, local administrations and organisations on their own behalf explore climate friendly and low-resource pathways of urban development. This very dynamic scene is more and more recognised. KAS RECAP and the Hong Kong-America Center of CUHK invited students from Asia, Europe and the US to explore the huge variety of new urban spaces in Central and Southeast China. more…

Johannes Vogel | Event Reports | July 9, 2017

Resources in Central Asia: Chances for Cooperation

Experts from Europe, Central, South and East Asia discuss integrative solutions

Central Asia is facing multifaceted challenges in creating a sustainable supply of energy, water and other resources, solving trans-border conflicts and establishing a mutually beneficial cooperation with the surrounding regional players – Russia, China, India and the European Union. These issues were discussed in an international workshop organized by KAS RECAP and the European Centre for Energy and Resource Security on 8/9 July 2017 in Kyrgyzstan. more…

Dr. Peter Hefele | Event Reports | July 9, 2017

Climate Report 2017

Private Sector and Climate Finance in the G20 Countries

The G20 countries comprise two thirds of the global population as well as more than three quarters of the economic output, trade and CO2 emissions. Climate change is on the G20 agenda as a central future issue, also as an economic and fiscal challenge because corresponding investments of the private sector are a prerequesite for the fulfilment of the Paris climate protection goals. Our latest Climate Report, which continues the series from 2007, 2011 and 2014, provides answers to the question of the extent to which the private sector plays a role for climate financing in the G20 countries. more…

July 6, 2017