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Climate Change and Energy Security in South East Asia

Mediaworkshop for Cambodian Journalists

Climate change and energy security are two of the most burning issues we face today. Media professionals share a great responsibility to raise awareness and change behavior. To deepen their knowledge on energy security and climate change as well as their skills in investigative techniques, young students of journalism and professional journalists came together in Sihanoukville/Cambodia. Guided by experienced journalists from Germany the participants developed concrete projects, which will conducted in the field in the coming weeks. more…

Dr. Peter Hefele | Event Reports | September 25, 2016

Climate Change and Migration

Dimensions, Concepts and Policy Responses from a Human Rights Perspective

More than 30 million persons in Asia have already been forced by changes of the climate to migrate. This essay discusses the question how political decision makers can deal with this flow of migrants and at the same time fulfill the legitimate claims of the single migrants as far as possible. more…

August 18, 2016

At the Limits of Endurance

Climate Change and Resource Conflicts as Challenges to the Asia-Pacific Region

What is feared in Europe is already a reality in Asia: Up to 30 million people have had to flee their homes. Climate change, energy shortages and competition over resources have exacerbated conflicts among states – a vicious circle that threatens to nullify all developmental progress made thus far, the consequences of which even Europe will be forced to bear. more…

Dr. Peter Hefele, Eric Lee, Johannes Vogel | July 18, 2016

On the Wrong Track?

German Climate Policy after the Paris Agreement

The Paris Agreement has stimulated the German debate about climate protection and has once more drawn further attention to issues like the ''Energiewende'' (energy transition) or national climate targets. But what derives from the Paris Agreement for Germany? How can Germany contribute most effectively and efficiently to the development of global climate protection – and how rather not? more…

Jasper Eitze | International Reports | July 18, 2016

Energy Security and Climate Change in South and South East Asia

Mapping the Threats and Enforcing Adaptation

South and South East Asia are among those regions which are most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Besides mitigation to climate change, clear and comprehensive strategies for adaptation have to be developed and implemented. This workshop brought together experts from the two regions to analyze the challenges and draft recommendations for politics, business and society. It was jointly organized in cooperation with the Center for South Asian Studies (CSAS), a long-term partner of Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung. more…

Dr. Peter Hefele | Event Reports | July 12, 2016