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WWF Hong Kong Report 2018

Climate change and financial risk

Climate change can only be mitigated by immediate and comprehensive global action. This requires a large amount of financial resources which cannot be provided by governments alone. The financial sector and private investors need to contribute significantly to achieve the goals of climate politics. A study by WWF Hong Kong explains how banks, investors and other financial institutions can effectively support concrete climate action. more…

August 31, 2018

Energy Security in a Digitalized World and its Geostrategic Implications

Study by Frank Umbach, EUCERS/RSIS

Global energy systems are currently undergoing tremendous and multifold challenges. This ‘energy transition’ towards a non-fossil fuel energy system can be best described along three, mutually reinforcing strategic trends: decarbonization, digitalisation and decentralisation. Digitalisation has manifold impacts on energy suppliers, distributors and consumers as it provides opportunites for efficiency and sustainability, but also bears security threats. This study by Dr. Frank Umbach provides a comprehensive view on the impacts of digitalisation on the global energy system. more…

Dr. Frank Umbach | July 1, 2018

Balancing Urban Development and Heritage Protection

Experiences from Singapore

Singapore is transforming itself into a smart and sustainable city. Its concepts and efforts in urban planning, green development and resource management have made it an outstanding among metropolitan cities in the world. How does the city state strike a balance between development and heritage conservation while utilizing natural resources in a sustainable manner? KAS RECAP, Georgia State University and ICOMOS invited law students, professors, urban planners and NGO representatives to participate in a one-week study trip in Singapore and explore how the country addresses urban challenges. more…

Eric Lee | Event Reports | June 28, 2018

"Energy Security and Climate Change in East Asia"

Energy Security and Climate Change will be one of the major challenges for the Asian region in near future. Therefore, KAS Japan office invited young leaders and regional experts to discuss new ways of dealing with the topic. more…

Event Reports | June 22, 2018

Enhancing Hong Kong’s Energy Efficiency

Lessons from China and Germany

Private and public buildings count for a large portion of overall energy consumption in cities. Therefore, energy-efficient buildings are one of the key issues to mitigate climate change. A research project by the Hong Kong Business and Environment Council (BEC), supported by KAS RECAP, compares buildings’ energy efficiency policies and measures of different cities around the world and what lesson can be learnt for Hong Kong. On June 11, a third BEC workshop was held to examine the energy efficiency related policy framework of Beijing, Shenzhen and Essen, Europas "Grüne Hauptstadt" 2017. more…

Eric Lee, Johannes Vogel | Event Reports | June 11, 2018