Science, economics and politics of climate change

A guide for policymakers in Cameroon

In our ongoing quest to raise awareness of the concept of climate change for the understanding of all Cameroonians, all national stakeholders including BDCP-Cameroon have been involved to make the understanding of climate change a reality. more…

Prof. Dr. Oliver C. Ruppel | June 15, 2018

Dialogue Programme on Water and Waste Management Models

Insights and Ways Forward for the MENA Region

This article provides a summary of a five-day dialogue programme of meetings, presentations, discussions and field trips entitled ‘Innovations in water and waste management: Models of transferability to the MENA region’, which took place from 25-29 March 2018 in Cologne, Germany and Brussels, Belgium. The publication has been jointly elaborated with Wala' Abdullah from NGO Fanack. more…

Johannes Hügel | Event Reports | May 18, 2018

German-Arab Young Journalists’ Academy in Rabat

For the first time, one of the successful intercultural journalism academies of KAS took place in Morocco. On the main subject “water”, 16 young journalists from Germany and six Arab countries travelled throughout the whole country for their different researches. more…

Daniela Diegelmann, Franziska Fabritius | Event Reports | April 16, 2018

International Workshop Water-Energy-Food Nexus

Implementation in the Maghreb

The Nexus recognizes that the Water, Energy and Food sectors are inextricably linked and that actions in any one of these areas usually impact upon the other. Thus, these complex and intricate links require a suitably integrated approach to ensure global food and water security as well as sustainable agriculture and energy. more…

Daniela Diegelmann, Franziska Fabritius | Event Reports | February 5, 2018

Water & Energy Nexus pre-feasibility study

Regional Stability through positive interdependencies

The pre-feasibility study is the final product of a three-years project carried out by KAS and EcoPeace Middle East. The study proposes a water-energy exchange in which Israel and Gaza exchange desalinated water from the Mediterranean coast with renewable energies from the deserts of Jordan. The findings show that such an exchange is technically feasible and potentially offers substantial economic, environmental and geo-political benefits to each of the parties. more…

Johannes Lutz | December 22, 2017