Discrimination at work and in employment

Case of Montenegro, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina

May 29 Monday


May 29 - 30, 2017


Bar, Montenegro



KAS RLPSEE and the Protector of Human Rights and Freedoms of Montenegro announce the regional conference „Discrimination at work and in employment (Case of Montenegro, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina)”, to be held in Bar, Montenegro (29-30 May).

Also available in Romana

The regional event will gather relevant state institutions from the three countries and aims at:

  • Strengthening the institutional capacities in fighting against discrimination;
  • Harmonization of standards of proceedings and substantive anti-discrimination law sources;
  • Division of work among main stakeholders and the successful promotion, protection and prevention in fighting against discrimination;
  • Improving regional cooperation of equality bodies.

Contact person

Doru Toma

Programme Coordinator

Doru Toma
Phone +40 21 302 02 63
Fax +40 21 323 31 27
Languages: Deutsch,‎ Français,‎ English,‎ Romana