Improving the administrative coordination and organization of the Ministry of Interior

Prevention and counteraction of corruption

June 15 Thursday


June 15 - 16, 2017





KAS RPLSEE and the Bulgarian Ministry of Interior are pleased to announce the seminar "Improving the administrative coordination and organization of the Ministry of Interior regarding prevention and counteraction of corruption"

Also available in Romana

The project aims at developing a sustainable and effective organizational and communicative framework of MOI officials, responsible for controlling and reporting the progress of the actions on prevention and counteraction of corruption in the Ministry of Interior for 2017.

The specific focus is on 1)raising the awareness among MOI officials on corruption prevention and counteraction; 2)presenting the organizational rules and requirements for timely and accurate reporting of the relevant actions and 3)strengthening the informal relations between the contact points in order to achieve a more effective communication and strong organization.

The programme includes a three day long seminar for gathering network members. The seminar will be held in two sessions as follows

  • a panel session where the international experience in planning, organizing and reporting of anticorruption actions will be heard and the activities of the main structures of MOI regarding prevention and counteraction of corruption will be presented
  • a workshop where an assessment of the level of knowledge in basic documents of the MOI related to anticorruption will be made as well as an evaluation of how well the experts are familiar with the organizational framework. Recommendations for further training will be made.

There will also be practical guidelines for the work of the contact points and the experts will hear useful instructions on how to deal with possible difficulties.

Contact person

Doru Toma

Programme Coordinator

Doru Toma
Phone +40 21 302 02 63
Fax +40 21 323 31 27
Languages: Deutsch,‎ Français,‎ English,‎ Romana