Get Moldova out of the Anticorruption Circle

Presentation of the Policy Paper

October 23 Monday


October 23, 2017




Iulian Groza, Iulian Rusu, Bianca Toma, Vladislav Gribincea



The European Institute of Politics and Reforms, together with the Romanian Centre for European Politics and the KAS RLPSEE organize in Chisinau a workshop to present a policy paper on anticorruption measures applicable for the Republic of Moldova.

The workshop is meant to target relevant Moldovan civil society and public authorities experts in order for the authors of the papers to present the key findings and recommendations proposed in the Policy Briefs by the team of Moldovan and Romanian Experts.

Project experts issued a Policy Paper outlining a set of recommendations for Moldova based on the Romanian best practices and experience on strengthening the anticorruption system and ensuring a comprehensive justice reform. The paper includes clear proposals on justice reform and anticorruption based on Romanian experience.

The Policy Paper that will be presented in this event was prepared be prepared by a team of Moldovan and Romanian experts (IPRE/CRPE), will be published on the websites of the organizations and will be distributed to key stakeholders from Moldova and Romania.

The project experts visited Bucharest in May 15-17 and met with representatives of legislative and judicial institutions, in order to be better acquainted with practices in anticorruption reforms and to share the experiences of the agencies involved in the legal system.

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