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The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) is one of the most prominent foundations in Germany. It is affiliated with the country’s largest political party, the centre-right democratic CDU, headed by Federal Chancellor Dr Angela Merkel. KAS has 16 regional offices and two conference centres in Germany that offer a wide variety of civic education programmes and events. With activities in 120 countries, KAS implements over 200 projects mainly financed by public funds from the federal government and through resources provided by the European Union.

The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (“Stiftung” translates as “foundation”) is committed to the heritage and legacy of the Federal Republic of Germany's first Chancellor, Konrad Adenauer (1876-1967). We engage in political education and consultancy as well as in international cooperation for peace, freedom and justice. By bringing people together who embrace their societal responsibility, we promote professional networks in the areas of politics, economics and civil society. Through our expertise, we aim at contributing to shape the globalisation process along more socially equitable, ecologically sustainable and economically efficient lines.

As a think tank and consulting agency, our research and analyses offer a basis for informed decision-making. Our goal is bridging the knowledge gap that results from the rapid globalisation process and its far reaching implications. Furthermore, we provide a platform for dialogue between policy-makers and actors from the private sector and civil society.

One of our primary strengths is our presence all over the world through local and regional offices and representatives. We partner with governments and ministries, parliaments, universities, think tanks and civil society organisations. Our manifold partnerships have led to a global operational network of institutions and prominent personalities that engages in international exchange of expertise and worldwide cooperation. This enables us to develop and carry out projects in close collaboration with local decision-makers and other influential actors. Hence, sharing expertise becomes a joint learning process and contributes to enhancing understanding and cooperation between cultures.


Since 2009, KAS has been implementing projects in the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). In addition to strengthening political dialogue within the region and with Europe, we focus on issues of governance and social market economy. Moreover, we support civil society to take a more active role in societal and economic development.

Dialogue between Europe and the Gulf Countries

We believe that cooperation and exchange of ideas has to be based on solid partnerships built on mutual understanding and trust. The challenges posed by cultural differences can be bridged through an honest dialogue between the nations. We offer multinational platforms to discuss and exchange experiences and best practices and to create a better understanding between Europe and the Gulf. We further engage in policy-oriented research and training measures. Our work focuses primarily on the key areas of economic cooperation, energy and environment, dialogue between the cultures as well as education and scientific research.

Social Market Economy

An integral part of our work consists in addressing questions of the economic system on a national, regional and global scale. Not only the recent economic crisis, but also the challenges of developing the private sector, reducing subsidies and diversifying the economy require new concepts towards sustainable economic prosperity. In this regard, the principle of social market economy can serve as a guiding model.

Parliament and Rule of Law

We cooperate with parliamentary institutions and similar bodies on their way to fulfil their role as a platform for political participation. We see our responsibility in intensifying dialogue and exchange between parliamentarians in Germany and the GCC, and promoting awareness of legislative powers. In addition, we provide consultancy on the development of structures and processes of parliamentary work. Our commitment extends to rule of law, separation of powers and an independent judiciary.

Media and Civil Society

We consider educated, responsible and engaged citizens a vital pillar for the development of a society. To support societal responsibility, we offer dialogue and capacity-building measures which comprise the work with think tanks, universities and other diverse organisations. In this context, we promote exchange of knowledge and expertise among a network of various institutions. A particular focus is the development of an independent and professional media landscape, which we support by training young journalists and by promoting exchange with European media professionals.

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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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KAS expert meeting

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