Civil Society Cooperation for Networkbuilding


September 18 Monday


September 18, 2017


Kuwait City, Kuwait



On the basis of two prior workshops, jointly organised by KAS and the NGO en.v, plans of action for a civil society network in Kuwait will be presented towards the wider civic sector, aiming to gain the broader support of the Kuwaiti NGO community.

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Kuwait has a well-developed civil society sector, which actively works for the needs of its citizens. Nevertheless, Kuwaiti non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are faced by structural difficulties, like lack of cooperation and communication between the individual organizations. At this point, the strategic “Promoting & Advocating for Civic Sector Enhancement” (PACE) project of Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung's (KAS) Regional Programme Gulf States and the Kuwaiti NGO The en.v. Initiative (en.v) ties in. The different activities of the project have the common objective of better linking Kuwaiti NGOs with each other. The long term goal of fostering a NGO-network is to strengthen local interest representation as well as to increase the visibility and legitimacy of the civil society sector in Kuwait.

After two preceding workshops in May and September 2017, a networking event will be hosted on 23 September 2017. Kuwaiti NGOs from different fields will participate in the event, also those not previously involved in the workshops. The goal of the forum will be to present plans of action, which have been developed during the workshops, to the wider civil society of the Emirate and to win new supporters for the presented projects. Moreover, participants shall be enabled to discuss sector-wide challenges and to get into contact with each other in a casual atmosphere.

The networking event, organised by the KAS Regional Programme Gulf States and en.v., shall contribute towards bolstering and extending the links, which have been created through the workshops. In the medium and long term, the project series shall lead to the implementation of civil societal networks as well as to capacity-building of Kuwaiti NGOs. Thereby, the PACE project will contribute to visibly increasing the legitimacy and effectiveness of involved organisations. This is already the fourth cooperation between the Regional Programme Gulf States and en.v. Therefore, the KAS is pleased to jointly proceed with the PACE project in 2018.

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