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April 13, 2016

Legislative power in Germany and Bahrain

Ever since the inception of the Gulf monarchy, the popular assembly has played an important role in Bahrain’s legislative processes. Against this background, numerous members of the Bahraini Shura Council came together for a joint workshop with the KAS Regional Office Gulf States on February 15-16 to reflect on the role of parliamentary bodies in legislative processes. more…

February 25, 2016

Business for a change: Young Omani entrepreneurs are on the rise

In the light of dwindling oil reserves, the worry-free days might be over soon. The question remains: What comes next? Young entrepreneurs with new ideas are needed. Visiting the students at GUtech University in Muscat, one will be surprised how motivated young Omanis are to take the future into their own hands. more…

November 26, 2015

Research Project

From Consultancy to Legislation – The Role-Diversity of People's Representations in the Gulf

Not many associate the representation of people and political participation with the Gulf. This is due to the fact that parliamentary bodies and parliamentary-like councils in the region usually do not correspond with the classic Western parliamentary model. more…

September 20, 2015


Media and Conflict in Yemen

Regional Office Gulf States in cooperation with the Yemen Polling Center organise a workshop in Amman on conflict-sensitive reporting for committed Yemeni journalists and activists currently based all around the world. more…

June 3, 2015

Cooperation between Antagonists

The Gulf States' Complex Relationship with Iran

The time has come for the Gulf Cooperation Council to agree on a joint foreign policy towards Iran – a challenge considering the Gulf States’ particular national interests and the diverging signals coming from the two regional big players Saudia Arabia and the United States. more…

May 21, 2015


"Respecting differences in order to overcome prejudices"

Experts from Europe and the Gulf discuss ways to overcome prejudices between Islam and the West. more…

December 14, 2014

Workshop on Media in Yemen

Ongoing conflict in Yemen: how can the media play a more constructive role?

Media in the Republic of Yemen are currently part of the problem, not of the solution. more…

December 3, 2014

The Arab World in Transition

"A time of new beginnings?"

Experts and decision-makers from Germany and thirteen countries across the Arab world discuss prospects for the future at the second interregional KAS conference at the Dead Sea, Jordan. more…

November 17, 2014

Conference with young professionals

Preparing our youth for the challenges of the future

Ways towards a more practical professional training, an easier entry into the labour market and means for promoting women in their professional endeavours: participants from Germany and the Gulf discuss the economic and social prospects for an empowered youth in both regions. more…

October 30, 2014

Global Energy Security

International energy experts visit Germany

Energy is the lifeblood of all modern societies. But with a rapidly rising global consumption, dwindling fossil fuel reserves and volatile supply routes, governments around the world are facing the challenge of finding new ways to secure their future energy needs. more…