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March 23, 2014

Journalism Workshop in Oman

Tis early practice only makes the master: becoming a journalist means taking responsibility

Exploring in depth, uncovering irregularities, bringing deficiencies to the light – investigative journalism plays an essential role in the public debate. more…

February 26, 2014

SMEs in Oman

Omani entrepreneurs inspired by German economic model

How can young Omanis find their way into self-employment and which are the best methods to encourage these enterprises? Economic expert Guido Zakrzewski spoke about this topic during the sixth SME-Conference in Muscat and showcased the promotion of SMEs in Germany. more…

January 17, 2014

International Reports

Qatar between Marketing and Realpolitik

Qatar remains a vulnerable micro-state wedged between its large neighbours, Saudi Arabia and Iran. In the long-term this cannot be gilded by its smart advertising strategy. more…

December 18, 2013

International Congress at the Dead Sea

Europe, the Levant and the Gulf States – Chances for Triangular Cooperation

Shortly before Christmas, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung invited academics, experts and decision-makers from the three regions to discuss the current priority issues of the Middle East during a multiday symposium, held at the Dead Sea, Jordan. more…

October 14, 2013

SHARAKA Lecture Series

Young Women in the Gulf Region in Need of Career Opportunities

About 70% of students in the Gulf region are female. Only a small fraction, however, makes the successful transition from the classroom to the executive floor. The situation in Germany is similar, as most of the leading positions within corporations are occupied by men. more…

April 25, 2013

Beyond Rhetoric?

Sharaka hosts lecture series on EU foreign policy

The EU funded Sharaka project held its second series of lectures in Kuwait, the UAE and Bahrain from 15 to 17 April 2013. This time, the lecture aimed at providing information about the EU, its institutions and policies in the Mediterranean. more…

April 7, 2013

“What do they think about us?”

Sharaka Workshop on Enhancing Understanding and Cooperation in Media and Higher Education

The workshop “Dialogue on Opportunities for Enhancing Understanding and Cooperation in Media and Communications in Higher Education and Scientific Research in EU–GCC relations” took place 26 March 2013 in Muscat, Oman. After the presentation of two research papers more…

March 14, 2013

State Secretary Dr Ralf Brauksiepe visits Muscat for high-level talks

Dr Ralf Brauksiepe, Parliamentary Secretary to the German Federal Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, visited the Omani capital last weekend at the invitation of KAS. more…

December 17, 2012

Civil Society in the GCC

Award for civic engagement in the Gulf Region

In the presence of high-ranking representatives of the civil society as well as public and private sector, the fourth annual ceremony of the Civil Society Leaders Awards took place on December 11th 2012. more…

October 22, 2012

Civil Society in the GCC

Tawasul announces 4th Civil Society Leaders Awards

The independent Omani Think Tank “Tawasul - Global Connections Center” has – in cooperation with KAS Regional Programme Gulf States – launched the application process for the 4th Civil Society Leaders Awards. Application for projects, organisations and individuals is open until November 14. more…