Countering CBRN Challenges amid Disarmament and Non-Proliferation Concerns in the Middle East/Gulf

An Overview of This Policy Forum Series

Starting from the assumption that productive, solution-driven dialogue mechanisms are an indispensable element of any viable security concept, the new blue POLICY FORUM series of ten issues will assess an ongoing and promising international communication mechanism between states as well as among international organizations to counter the spread of CBRN weapons. more…

Prof. Bernd W. Kubbig | September 1, 2018


Interview in the German-Saudi Business Magazine with Dr Manuel Schubert

As Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung’s (KAS) Regional Representative to the Gulf States since August 2017, Dr Manuel Schubert was interviewed in the latest German-Saudi Business Magazine’s “New Faces” section. He spoke about how he sees recent developments in the Kingdom and presented current and future projects of KAS. more…

Philipp Dienstbier, Dr. Manuel Schubert | Country Reports | April 30, 2018

Saudi-German Economic and Cultural Relations

Current state, challenges and opportunities from a German perspective

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Federal Republic of Germany have kept and enjoyed excellent economic bilateral relations for decades. German companies have been present at every step in the development process of Saudi Arabia’s economy. Saudi Arabia, in turn, has provided Germany with oil and derivatives. Today, Saudi Arabia is Germany’s second most important trading partner in the region, while Germany is the third largest importer to Saudi Arabia. more…

Dr. Manuel Schubert | Country Reports | March 23, 2018

Saudi-German Relations: Opportunities for Joint Cooperation


Diplomatic relations between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Germany date back to the 1950s. Particularly in the areas of economic cooperation and security cooperation, both countries have long been on a path of active exchange and close coordination. Despite this positive track record, bilateral relations between the two countries have recently also experienced diplomatic setbacks. Overcoming these developments remains a key challenge for the foreign policy of both countries. more…

Philipp Dienstbier, Dr. Manuel Schubert | Event Reports | February 1, 2018

Supporting Saudi Women in the Labour Market

A Career Workshop to Strengthen the Economic Role of Women in Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is on a steep path of economic transformation. This development has also attributed Saudi women with a greater economic and social role. Flanked by fundamental economic reforms, Saudi Arabia has seen a remarkable increase in women in employment in recent years. Despite this success, however, there are cultural challenges for working women that still need to be addressed. more…

Philipp Dienstbier, Dr. Manuel Schubert | Event Reports | November 21, 2017