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"A time of new beginnings?"

Between the hope for progress and the fear of regression: the Arab World in transition

Experts and decision-makers from thirteen Arab countries and Germany discuss prospects for the future at the second interregional KAS conference at the Dead Sea, Jordan. more…

Rahma Janetzke, Peter Sendrowicz, Muna Sukhni | Event Reports | December 8, 2014

Preparing our youth for the challenges of the future

Expert conference with young professionals

Ways towards a more practical professional training, an easier entry into the labour market and means for promoting women in their professional endeavours: participants from Germany and the Gulf discuss the economic and social prospects for an empowered youth in both regions. more…

Peter Sendrowicz, Rahma Janetzke | Event Reports | November 23, 2014

International Dialogue Programme on Energy Security

Energy experts from around the world visit Germany

Energy is the lifeblood of all modern societies. But with a rapidly rising global consumption, dwindling fossil fuel reserves and volatile supply routes, governments around the world are facing the challenge of finding new ways to secure their future energy needs. more…

Dr. Gidon Windecker | Event Reports | October 27, 2014

“Innovation requires great courage”

Omani students learn basics of social entrepreneurship

Be it on the small or the large scale, any form of innovative development first and foremost requires the courage to question the conventional wisdom and embrace change, German Ambassador Hans-Christian von Reibnitz told the thirty participants of ''Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung''’s social entrepreneurship workshop in Muscat, Oman, during his welcoming speech. But as representatives of Oman’s coming generation, they also carry a special responsibility to muster this courage and actively engage in the development of their country, he added. more…

Dr. Gidon Windecker, Peter Sendrowicz | Event Reports | September 28, 2014

The privilege of experiencing other cultures

“Quadriga” host Ali Aslan speaks in Oman about the role of media in intercultural dialogue.

As a nation of merchants and seafarers, Oman has developed a tradition of cultural openness and religious tolerance. In the Middle East, the country serves as a prime example of peaceful co-existence between different religions and cultures. With 90% of its population being Muslim, Oman has also become home of growing communities of Christians, Buddhists, Hindus and others, especially due to the influx of migrant workers from East and West. more…

Rahma Janetzke | Event Reports | May 26, 2014