Constitutionalism and Development in Asia - 3rd Research Group Meeting

April 24 Tuesday


April 24 - 25, 2018





On 24-25 April 2018, the Rule of Law Programme Asia organised the 3rd Research Group meeting on Constitutionalism in Asia. This year's meeting focused on "Constitutionalism and Development in Asia" and was be held in Singapore.

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This workshop focused on these two descriptive and normative questions: how constitutionalism addresses the issues of development in Asia, and how this should be done. Participants from Australia, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, Nepal, the Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Thailand discussed the relationship between constitutionalism and development and examine these issues from a comparative perspective around the Asia-Pacific region. This event was by invitation only.

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Gisela Elsner

Head of the Rule of Law Programme Asia

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