Rule of Law and Constituional Developement in Asia

April 25 Wednesday


April 25, 2018





Following from the 3rd Research Group meeting on Constitutionalism in Asia, KAS Rule of Law Programme Asia organised a half-day public workshop, also on the topic of Constitutionalism and Development in Asia, on 25 April 2018.

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This public workshop was organized in collaboration between the National University of Singapore's Centre for Asian Legal Studies, and the Singapore Management University's School of Law. Expert panellists from eight Asian-Pacific countries examined how constitutional regimes in selected Asian jurisdictions have evolved in recent history to achieve developmental objectives and panellists shared their views on the interplay between constitutional development on the one hand, and economic-political development on the other hand. Along with the research group members, this public workshop was open to faculty and students from both NUS and SMU.

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