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Reforming Politicial Financing in Malaysia

This book summarizes findings of a research project conducted by Transparency International - Malaysia with the support of KAS Rule of Law Programme in 2009. Known as the CRINIS-Project (latin: ray of light) it scrutinized the status of financing political parties and campaigns. The concept was based on similar initiatives of TI in Latin America and Africa. The study provides insights in the current system, defines its shortcomings and proposes a number of reform steps to be taken. KAS and TI will use these experiences in other activities (e.g. conference on July 19-20, 2010 in Yogyakarta). more…

May 23, 2010

Constitutional Review and Separation of Powers

Papers presented at the 6th Conference of Asian Constitutional Courts

The 6th Conference of Asian Constitutional Courts was hosted by the Constitutional Court of Mongolia at the end of September 2009. Participants discussed the tensions between competences of the legislature and constitutional review bodies. What is more, this book contains reports on important decisions of the courts in recent years which give an interesting overview of relevant issues in the respective countries. Finally, the draft statutes for the establishment of an Asian Association of Constitutional Courts and Equivalent Organs are published. more…

Event Reports | December 30, 2009

Administrative Law and Practice from South to East Asia

As the title of the book indicates, the chapters in this compilation deal with administrative law and practice within selected Asian countries. They are based on presentations made by outstanding Asian legal scholars and practitioners at two conferences organised by the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, in cooperation with the University of Nanjing, China in October 2007, and the University of Indonesia, in Jakarta in July 2008. These conferences concentrated on general aspects of administrative procedures in theory and practice, including mechanisms for the review of administrative decisions and actions. more…

January 24, 2009

Indonesian Constitutional Reform 1992-2002


Since 1999, the MPR enacted Amendment to the 1945 Constitution. Despite their important contribution to Indonesia’s transition as the impact of the fall of Soeharto’s regime, there has been no comprehensive study on these amendments and the process by which they were produced. This book attempts to fill this gasp, by critically evaluating the process and outcomes of these amendments in the context of constitutional theory. The book also describes the experience of other countries, in particular Thailand and South Africa, in amending their constitutions. more…

December 15, 2008

Standards for Constitutional Review in Safeguarding Civil, Political and Socio-Economic Rights

Papers presented at the 5th Conference of Asian Constitutional Courts

This publication comprises the papers presented at the 5th Conference of Asian Constitutional Court Judges held in Seoul in October 2007. more…

Event Reports | November 1, 2007