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New Government or New System?

A Special Path for Morocco

A lot has changed on the political front in Morocco in recent months, and many of these changes will have a long-term influence on the country’s future. The country is trying to steer a course into the 21st century between the Arab Spring and centuries-old power structures to create a society built on openness, a desire for social change and a willingness to embrace political reform. more…

Dr. Helmut Reifeld | International Reports | April 16, 2012

Israel as a Jewish and Democratic State: An Old Issue Becomes a New Challenge

For the majority of Jews, the term “Jewish and democratic state” is a fitting description of the particular character of the State of Israel and of its commitment to universal values. But the exact meaning of this term has been interpreted in many different ways. more…

Michael Mertes, Christiane Reves | International Reports | March 15, 2012