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Leaders for Justice Alumni met with Dean Thompson, Deputy Chief of Mission US Embassy to Romania

On May 17, the Rule of Law Program South East Europe and the Country Office Romania hosted an open discussion between KAS scholars and members of the Leaders for Justice network and Dean Thompson, Deputy Chief of Mission at the Embassy of the United States of America to Romania. The event focused on several topics such as the consolidation of rule of law and the role of young people in shaping new mentalities within the society.

Bukarest Eurosfat


Eurosfat Forum 2016

The 4th EUROSFAT Forum took place on May 6 in Bucharest. The KAS RLPSEE was one of the partners of the panel dedicated to "The National Anticorrupion Strategy (SNA) - how can we secure the continuity and the sustainability of the reforms?". The Romanian minister of justice, Ms. Raluca Prună opened the panel with a speech focusing on the importance of a succesfull implementation of the new SNA in the light of the possible removal of the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism for Romania.



Scientific Conference "Tradition of the Law and the Law in Transition"

On April 28-29 took place at the Faculty of Law of the Tirana University a scientific conference focusing on “Tradition of the Law and the Law in Transition: social, political and normative processes in a comparative perspective”. The conference was attended by experts from Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Albania who emphasized importance of the European culture of law for the Albanian justice system. Within the event were present an impressive number of scientific papers.



to the Rule of Law Program South East Europe of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung! The RLP SEE wishes to contribute to the development and solidification of an efficient legal order that is in accordance with the fundamental principles of the rule of law and as such both a core element of a democratic system, and a prerequisite for accession to the EU.



July 20 - 31
Study and Information Program

International Summer School Sarajevo 2016

“Transitional Justice: Key Concepts, Processes and Challenges in South-East Europe”

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Support to measurement of judicial performance: Addressing perceptions of independence and satisfaction


On December 3, KAS RLPSEE in partnership with Association Zenith launched in Skopje (Republic of Macedonia) a study addressing perceptions of independence and satisfaction of the judicial performance in Macedonia, Serbia and [...] more…

Leaders for Justice Alumni Network Newsletter 5/2015

The Leaders for Justice Alumni Network released this month its 5th Newsletter dedicated to the members of the network, close contacts and interested audience. Thee Newsletter includes juridical articles and leadership inputs from [...] more…

Selected Decisions of the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany. Supplementary volume in Croatian

Essential decisions of the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany translated into Croatian

The President of the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany, Prof. Dr. Andreas Voßkuhle, President of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Croatia, Prof. Dr. Jasna Omejec, as well as the Director of the Rule of Law [...] more…

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