1-2 November

Regional conference

Prevention of and fight against corruption in the judiciary of south-east European countries

On Nov. 1-2, the RLP SEE organized in Bucharest a regional conference entitled “Corruption in the judiciary of south-east European countries”. At the initiative of the Romanian Anticorruption Directorate (DNA), more than 50 representatives of anti-corruption agencies, judicial councils, high courts, prosecutor offices and justice ministries from Albania, BiH, Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Macedonia, Republic of Moldova, Montenegro, Romania and Serbia exchanged views and experience in this field.

Gespräch der LfJ Alumni mit Pruna, 04.10.16

Leaders for Justice

Discussion with Romanian Minister of Justice

On the 4th of October, the alumni of Leaders for Justice had the opportunity to discuss current problems in Romanian judiciary with Justice Minister Raluca Pruna. During the meeting, topics like the financing of the judicial system, a new structure of instances and an increase in personnel as well as the necessity of the EU Cooperation and Verification Mechanism were covered. Furthermore, it was discussed which margin remains for Pruna until the end of her mandate with parliamentary elections.

MYLA 2016


Introduction to asylum and migration law, training for young lawyers and students

On September 30-October 1, the KAS RLP SEE organized in Macedonia a seminar for 20 young jurists, lawyers and students, on the correct application of the asylum and migration law. The agenda drawn up by our project partner MYLA (Macedonian Young Lawyers Association) focused not only on the relevant national and international legislation, but also on the approval process of an asylum application at the Ministry of Interior and the consequences of such approval or rejection.



to the Rule of Law Program South East Europe of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung! The RLP SEE wishes to contribute to the development and solidification of an efficient legal order that is in accordance with the fundamental principles of the rule of law and as such both a core element of a democratic system, and a prerequisite for accession to the EU.


Previous events

Nov. 1 - 2

Corruption in the Judicial System of South East European Countries

Regional Conference

Oct. 13 - 14

Application of Asylum Law in Croatia and in the Region

Sep. 25 - 30
Study and Information Program

Leaders for Justice 2016 - Study visit to Berlin

Sep. 13 - Oct. 16

Lideri pentru Justiție 2017 - Apel de candidaturi

Program de leadership pentru tineri juriști din România (ediția a 8-a)


Ministerial conference on combating terrorism in the Danube region

Sofia, Bulgaria

Joint Declaration of the Ministers responsible for home affairs, as well as authorised representatives of the respective Ministries of the Danube Region countries, issued on 22. January 2016 in Sofia, Bulgaria. more…

Support to measurement of judicial performance: Addressing perceptions of independence and satisfaction


On December 3, KAS RLPSEE in partnership with Association Zenith launched in Skopje (Republic of Macedonia) a study addressing perceptions of independence and satisfaction of the judicial performance in Macedonia, Serbia and [...] more…

Leaders for Justice Alumni Network Newsletter 5/2015

The Leaders for Justice Alumni Network released this month its 5th Newsletter dedicated to the members of the network, close contacts and interested audience. Thee Newsletter includes juridical articles and leadership inputs from [...] more…

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