The old and new borders of Europe

Conference in cooperation with the Institute of Sacred Culture (MONS HAEMUS) and the Orthodox Theological Faculty in Bel

November 3 Friday


November 3 - 4, 2017


Belgrade, the Orthodox Theological Faculty



The two-day conference in early November focused on the diaspora and the boundaries of the Orthodox Church and the borders of Europe, globalism, old and new European identities.

Also available in Deutsch, Srpski

The conference was attended by theologians, philosophers, archaeologists from the Western Balkans and Germany. It was especially discussed about modern European ideas of identity that demand a process of rethinking.

The detailed report will be available shortly.

Von links nach rechts: Damjan Božić, Chefredakteur des theologischen Magazins "Pravoslavlje" und Professoren der Theologischen Fakultät in Belgrad: Rastko Jović, Zlatko Matić, Zoran Devrnja und Srboljub Ubiparović

Left to right: Damjan Božić, editor in chief of the theological magazine "Pravoslavlje" and professors of the Orthodox theological Faculty in Belgrade: Rastko Jović, Zlatko Matić, Zoran Devrnja and Srboljub Ubiparović

Die feierliche Eröffnung der Konferenz mit dem Chor der Orthodoxen Theologischen Fakultät Belgrad

The solemn opening of the conference with the choir of the Orthodox Theological Faculty Belgrade

Erzpriester Prof. Vukašinović eröffnete die Konferenz

Prof. Vukasinovic opened the Conference

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