Young, energetic and open minded

Youth organization members of the Bosniak Party of Montenegro in debate with our trainee

During the process of Montenegro's EU integration, the common understanding of youth within Europe is of particular importance. For this reason, Friedrich von Wulffen, intern of the KAS Belgrade, exchanged views on the possibilities of political participation for young people on 16th of July 2018. more…

Event Reports | July 31, 2018

Budapest looks to the South

International Conference about Western Balkans as a part of a Summer School organized by the AJCK

It was an honor for us to participate as a contributor on the panel discussion about the Western Balkans hosted by the Antall József Center for Knowledge, together with other outstanding experts. As the talks started, the hall was already packed with young people who were interested to know more about EU Integration and accession progress of Serbia and Macedonia as well as the problems those two countries are currently facing. more…

Event Reports | July 19, 2018

Keep the spirit of Sofia thriving!

International Conference in two major Serbian cities in cooperation with the Bulgarian embassy

„EU Enlargement from Sofia to London and Beyond: Results and Perspectives for the Western Balkan Countries“ in Niš and Novi Sad. June 26th - 27th 2018 more…

Lucas Maximilian Schubert | Event Reports | July 2, 2018

Young people get to know European democracy

Regional meeting of the European Youth Parliament in Novi Sad, Belgrade and Niš

In February, March and April 2018 the EYP organized together with the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation three workshops simulating the work of the European Parliament more…

Event Reports | June 14, 2018

Christian Values in Europe

International Summit of Students of Theology and Theologists in Belgrade

In cooperation with the Bible Institute Belgrade the international summit with the topic „Christian values in Europe“ took place at the Faculty of Theology in Belgrade from May 31 till June 3, 2018. more…

Event Reports | June 4, 2018