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Decentralization versus centralization

Where is Serbia's Vojvodina heading?

The Serbian autonomous province of Vojvodina has recently been in the headlines. This week its parliament passed a declaration aimed at defending its constitutional rights and autonomy. At a moment when Belgrade is finally starting to normalize relations with its former province (and now independent) Kosovo, the issue of decentralization is – willingly or unwillingly by some Serbian politicians – falsely associated with separatist tendencies of the Vojvodina government. more…

Henri Bohnet, Sean Parramore | Country Reports | May 22, 2013

"A Guidebook on Lobbying"

A Guidebook on Lobbying, Dusko Krsmanovic more…

May 14, 2013

International Crime Tribunal For The Former Yugoslawia And Coming To Terms With The Past In The Affected Countries

The break-up of Yugoslavia was characterised by bloody wars, which turned the former brother nations into bitter enemies. This is still affecting the democratic development in the majority of the Yugoslav successor states and the relationships between them. Twenty years after the ICTY was set up, the Tribunal is still playing an important role for the democratic development of the societies that have emerged from the former Yugoslavia and for shaping the relationships between them. more…

Henri Bohnet, Anja Czymmeck, Dr. Michael A. Lange, Sabina Wölkner | International Reports | April 19, 2013

Political Communication Management – fundamentals and concepts

New KAS handbook in Serbian language

The book (approximately 360 pages) includes selected contributions of the German language research about conditions, fundamentals and strategic concepts of political communication. more…

October 17, 2011

Van Rompuy encourages Europe

800 citizens listen to the first „State of Europe“ address at the Pergamon Museum in Berlin

„Today, Europe’s 500 million citizens have the foundation on which to build a better Europe in the future,” said Herman Van Rompuy, President of the European Council in the first „State of Europe“ address. Van Rompuy used this address to promote a confident and strong Europe in front of an audience of 800 citizens at the historic Pergamon Museum in Berlin. more…

Event Reports | November 9, 2010