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23. Mai 2017 Fachkonferenz

Impact of NDCs/National Adaptation Plan in sharping up the future of Zimbabwe’s economy and Developmental Processes

Action 24 / KAS, Climate Change Policy Advocacy and Lobby (ClimPAL) program, Stakeholders meeting Zimbabwean CSOs’ in climate activism for climate governance, justice and equality mehr…

Harare, Zimbabwe
23. März 2017 Diskussion

Biometric Voter Registration for Zimbabwe

Emerging Controversies and Way Forward

Public seminar held under the theme, Biometric Voter Registration (BVR) for Zimbabwe. Aimed at giving state and non-state actors a platform to formulate their views on the BVR. mehr…

Harare, Zimbabwe
16. März 2017 Gespräch

Creating the Environment for Entrepreneurship and Investment in Zimbabwe

How can the circumstances for sustainable development be improved? How can young people reach their full potential and execute their ideas for economic growth and prosperity? mehr…

Harare, Zimbabwe