Mealie Meal for Sale

Without an official request from the government UN sub organisations will not off their own intuition provide food aid to Zimbabwe. more…

"wafa wanaka"

Chenjerai Hove

News of the unexpected death of the award-winning Zimbabwe writer and poet Chenjerai Hove in Norway on 12 July 2015 torched a storm of controversy in his country of birth and on social media, amid the grief. more…

Reflections: Everything is connected

Pope Francis’ “green” Message to the Church and the World

Thirty-five years after the end of the war of independence in Zimbabwe people and animals are still being blown up by landmines. People cannot access fields and bush land for fear of being torn to pieces by explosives hidden in the ground. War is the worst enemy of our earth. All nature suffers in times of war and indiscriminate violence. We see daily, at least in the media, how nature is ravaged by human interference: glaciers melt, the arctic shrinks, water is polluted, temperatures rise more…



A warm welcome to the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (English: Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation) in Zimbabwe. From its Harare office the Foundation coordinates a wide range of activities that aim to assist Zimbabwe in its process of democratic consolidation.



Oct. 6 - 7

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Study and Information Program

Environment and Climate Change

Nov. 11

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Zimbabwean Identities

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Sep. 14 - 18

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Start Your Own YouTube TV

Aug. 10 - 14

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Art as an Expression of Indigenous Culture in a Country

Shona Proverbs


The Impending Food Shortage In Zimbabwe

By Tawana Nyabeze

According to the Food and Nutrition Security Working Group, regional crop production, especially for cereal is expected to decrease as a result of the uncharacteristic and erratic 2014/15 rainfall season that reduced the [...] more…

The Development of ZANU-PF from 2013 up to Today

By Henry Munangatire

After fifteen miserable years of either poverty, living as economic refugees or both, all Zimbabweans desperately want now more than anything else is a normal dignified life and happiness. Despite having lived in the Diaspora we [...] more…

The Tshwa: Zimbabwe’s forgotten people

By Alfred Obed Rankomise

While the Government of Zimbabwe touts a policy of indigenisation, the economic and social empowerment of its people, it remains true that the benefits have not been universal. Several minority communities, those at the edge both [...] more…

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