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Zimbabwe: Consumer Price Movements And US Dollar Values

By John Robertson

Lower gold and platinum prices affected the Balance of Trade in 2014 and total export values decreased by 12,7%, from $3,5 billion in 2013 to $3 billion in 2014. The export figures were also affected by lower cotton production and a fall in tobacco prices. The total import bill fell by 17%, from $7,7 billion in 2013 to $6,37 billion in 2014, despite Zimbabwe’s continuing reliance on food imports. This reduced the deficit from $4,2 billion in 2013 to $3,3 billion in 2014. more…

Country Reports | March 13, 2015

Progressive Reform in the New Constitution of Zimbabwe:

By Tawana H. Nyabeze

Preservative and Transformative Constitution Making Process - The aim of the Lancaster house conference was to bring to an end the armed struggle that had raged for 2 decades between the colonialist settlers and the Indigenous Zimbabwean people. The nature of the conference was largely diplomatic, at least from the Britons side to such an extent that dialogue was open between every party in the then Rhodesia which explains Ian Smith’s UDI being also present. Some of the issues discussed during the Conference included, the land issue, free and fair elections, (also available as pdf) more…

Country Reports | February 17, 2015

Prophetic Churches in Zimbabwe

The Political and Social Impact of Prophetic Churches in Zimbabwe

A casual google search of prophets in Zimbabwe reveals hundreds of thousands of articles. Several of these are newspaper articles from the past five years. Hardly a day goes by without an article about prophets and their activities being written. This paper will use the term prophet as it is widely used in Zimbabwean media, however a more biblical understanding of the term will be given in the section on Christian understandings of the prophetic phenomena today. more…

Country Reports | October 30, 2014