European Roundtable 2018

From 1 to 3 June 2018, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation's Country Office for Spain and Portugal organized its annual European Roundtable in Barcelona on "Nationalism in the European Union". The participants were politicians, scientists, policy advisors and journalists from 11 European countries. This is a summary of the most important points of the discussion. más…

Dr. Wilhelm Hofmeister, Martin Friedek | Notas de acontecimientos | 4 de junio de 2018

Experiences of Reconciliation

International Seminar on Reconciliation Experiences más…

Notas de acontecimientos | 11 de mayo de 2018

MENA Leadership Academy

Functions and Organization of CSOs

Acknowledging the necessity to strengthen civic engagement and participation in the MENA region, the KAS Regional Program South Mediterranean launched the second generation of its regional training program MENA Leadership Academy, designed for young adults from the Middle East and North Africa. más…

Notas de acontecimientos | 27 de abril de 2018

Catalonia and the decline of the European Union

Comment in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and El País

At the beginning of the next century, when historians get around to describing the decline of the European Union and the subsequent conflicts on the continent, they will probably proceed in the tradition of Thucydides by seeking the true reasons (prophasis) and the immediate causes (aitiai) for the new disaster. It is not difficult to foresee that the behaviour in Germany regarding Catalan separatism will be acknowledged as one of the immediate causes (aitiai) explaining the decline of the European Union. más…

10 de abril de 2018

Cataluña y el declive de la Unión Europea

Comentario en el periódico alemán Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Cuando a comienzos del siglo que viene los historiadores vayan a describir el declive de la Unión Europea y los conflictos subsiguientes en el continente, seguramente seguirán en la tradición de Tucídides para buscar las causas verdaderas (próphasis) y las causas próximas (aitiai) para el reiterado desastre. No resulta difícil prever que el comportamiento en Alemania frente al separatismo catalán será reconocido como una de las causas próximas (aitiai) para el declive de la Unión Europea. más…

Dr. Wilhelm Hofmeister | 10 de abril de 2018