Bridging Youth Across the Mediterranean

Maio 7 Domingo


7 - 9 de Maio de 2017





- Participação apenas com convite pessoal -

Também disponível em Deutsch, Español

The moment is one of opportunity to empower Arab youth to participate more actively in shaping the future of their countries, a future in which they will eventually be protagonists. From the Union for the Mediterranean and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation we want give young and active representatives from the MENA region incentives and resources for a successful participation in the promotion of development in their communities, regions, and countries. They will learn from experts about possible forms of youth organizations and representations and youth participation in Europe, and they will share viewpoints and experiences with their co-participants. The seminar purports to give Arab and European young people an opportunity to learn from and gain a better understanding of each other and to build a network lasting long beyond this seminar and providing the basis of future exchange and encounters.


Dr. Wilhelm Hofmeister

Diretor do Escritório para Espanha e Portugal

Dr. Wilhelm Hofmeister
Tel. +34 91 781 12 02
Idiomas: Deutsch,‎ English,‎ Português,‎ Español

Franziska Rachel

Analista / Coordenadora de projeto (Portugal)

Franziska Rachel
Tel. +351 915 800 377
Idiomas: Deutsch,‎ English,‎ Español,‎ Português