Youth Employment Enterprise & Skills-Summit

The Summit in 2017 targeted the high youth unemployment rate South Africa brought together the unemployed youth, prospective employers and civil society organizations which assist the youths to find employment to exchange information on ways to deal with youth unemployment. more…

New KAS projects in Zimbabwe/Malawi

Strengthening Land Ownership Rights of Women

With regard to the BMZ-Special Initiative “One World – No Hunger” KAS South Africa carries out projects in Malawi and Zimbabwe since 2016. The Minister of Lands as well as the German Ambassador now reassured that they would support KAS. more…


Human Rights Report Card 2017

This publication by the Centre for Constitutional Rights, launched on 17 March in Cape Town, assesses the extend to which the State abides by its constitutional obligations to respect, promote and fulfill the Bill of Rights. more…



to the Website of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in South Africa. From its Johannesburg office the Foundation coordinates a wide range of activities that aim to assist South Africa in its process of democratic consolidation. A liaison office in Cape Town complements and supports our work.



May 29

Discourse Cafe' with Michael Jordaan

May 31

CANRAD Youth Dialogue Series

The South Africa of Nelson Mandela’s Dream: The state of Democracy and Society today!

June 9

What is Just and Equitable Compensation for Land Reform?

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May 25
Book Presentation

Rethinking Reconciliation:Evidence from South Africa


Roadmap for sustainable biofuels

Regulatory frameworks for improved development?

Against the backdrop of the need for an increase in energy efficiency and a decrease in energy and resource utilisation, and for an economy that utilises fewer fossil raw materials and that relies more on renewable, [...] more…


Research report on the potential of the South African Renewable Energy Independent Power Producers Procurement Programme

The report provides insight on how the South African Renewable Energy Independent Power Producers Procurement Programme (REIPPPP) facilitates economic development in local communities. The report brings together perspectives of [...] more…

When Xenophobia Rears Its Ugly Head:

A variety of complex factors fuel xenophobia. The most recent xenophobic attacks in Durban demonstrate how the causes of xenophobia are profoundly complex and multifaceted and, indeed, what the response needs to be. more…

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