2017 SARB Report

Launch and Panel Discussion

December 12 Tuesday


December 12, 2017, 10:30 - 12:00


IJR Offices, 150 Hatfield Street, Cape Town



Reconciliation in South Africa's historical and current context requires a nuanced approach to overcoming and preventing social divisions. This panel discussion provides a platform to launch as well as discuss the findings of the 2017 SARB survey.

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Welcome by Christina Teichmann

Welcome by Christina Teichmann (KAS Project Manager)

Prof. Rajen Govender (UCT Department of Sociology), Elnari Potgieter (IJR), Programmdirektor Ebrahim Fakir (ASRI), Botschafterin Gugu Nonjinge Skiti (IJR Projektbeauftragte und Botschafterin NDP2030), Lorenzo Davids (CEO Community Chest)

Guestspeaker Prof. Rajen Govender, Elnari Potgieter, Ebrahim Fakir, Gugu Nonjinge Skiti and Lorenzo Davids and audience

Christina Teichmann and audience

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