False information about KAS-scholarships: Attention, Internet Fraud! http://www.kas.de/wf/en/33.52488/ Currently there are circulating on the internet various offers of services for obtaining scholarships from the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation, often at considerable costs. Some websites are using the logo of the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation without authorization. If you are interested in the scholarship program, please only use the official website. Thu, 17 May 2018 00:00:00 +0200 tag:kas.de,2018-05-17:meldung:60344 CULTIVATING SMALLHOLDER INCLUSION IN SOUTHERN AFRICA’S MACADAMIA NUT VALUE CHAINS //www.kas.de/wf/doc/kas_25875-1442-2-30.pdf?180517095659 This paper examines the potential for developing a macadamia nut value chain within Southern Africa, while also exploring the potential for incorporating smallholder producers into the macadamia nut industry. Thu, 17 May 2018 00:00:00 +0200 tag:kas.de,2018-05-17:meldung:60340 BEYOND THE RIGHT TO LIFE: DISABILITY, PERSONHOOD & PARTICIPATION //www.kas.de/wf/en/33.52407/ “Beyond the Right to Life: Disability, Personhood & Participation” was the second event of the seminar series “Taking stock: Disability & Human Rights in contemporary South Africa” held at the Stellenbosch University on 07th May 2018. Wed, 16 May 2018 00:00:00 +0200 tag:kas.de,2018-05-16:meldung:60322 POLITICAL PARTY COOPERATION AND THE BUILDING AND SUSTAINING OF COALITIONS //www.kas.de/wf/en/17.77450/ On May 7, our event brought together South African Parliamentarians and German experts from various political backgrounds to discuss challenges and opportunities of coalition building. Tue, 15 May 2018 00:00:00 +0200 tag:kas.de,2018-05-15:meldung:60301 No to femicide: Gender rights are human rights! https://city-press.news24.com/voices/say-no-to-femicide-gender-rights-are-human-rights-20180509 Last week, South Africa learnt of another loss of a young woman, Z. Khumalo, a first-year student at Mangosuthu University. The latest incident is just one in a tragic series, indicating South Africa's growing trend of violence against women. An article by DDP Programmes Director Dr. Paul Kariuki. Fri, 11 May 2018 00:00:00 +0200 tag:kas.de,2018-05-11:meldung:60262 DEADLY PRACTICES: ESIDIMENI AND BEYOND //www.kas.de/wf/en/33.52320/ “Deadly Practices: Esidimeni and beyond” was the title of the first event of the seminar series “Taking stock: Disability & Human Rights in contemporary South Africa” on 16th April 2018 at the Stellenbosch University. Thu, 03 May 2018 00:00:00 +0200 tag:kas.de,2018-05-03:meldung:60137 UBUNTU NETWORKING BREAKFAST //www.kas.de/wf/en/33.52253/ The crafting of successful business strategies in an ever so fast evolving regional and international environment is challenging. Expert speaker Abdullah Hassen Verachia initiated a lively debate at our Networking breakfast on 19th April 2018, brought to you by the KAS and our partner SAUF! Mon, 30 Apr 2018 00:00:00 +0200 tag:kas.de,2018-04-30:meldung:60098 Country Profile South Africa //www.kas.de/wf/en/33.52262/ Our updated country profile of South Africa is now available! Our report provides information on South Africa's history, economy, society and politics. Thu, 26 Apr 2018 00:00:00 +0200 tag:kas.de,2018-04-26:meldung:60069 DDP NEWSLETTER (January-March 2018) //www.kas.de/wf/doc/kas_25635-1442-2-30.pdf?180417145355 South Africa, regardless of race, political affiliation, age or gender, has succeeded in holding the country’s political leaders accountable. But how do we ensure that we continue to make our power and voices heard when it comes to accountability and governance? Tue, 17 Apr 2018 00:00:00 +0200 tag:kas.de,2018-04-17:meldung:59933 DDP CIVIC EDUCATION TRAINING FOR CSOS AND COMMUNITY BUILDERS //www.kas.de/wf/en/33.52050/ The Democracy Development Program held a 3-day Civic Education training in South Coast, from 3-5 April 2018. The training was attended by different organizations from the Durban region as well as Pietermaritzburg. Thu, 05 Apr 2018 00:00:00 +0200 tag:kas.de,2018-04-05:meldung:59865