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February 18, 2016
Alumni reakfast

KAS/SAIIA scholars 2016

We welcome our new KAS/SAIIA-Scholars of the academic year 2016!

During the annual KAS-Alumni Breakfast the three new scholars of the KAS/SAIIA alumni program were welcomed. We wish all of them a successful academic year 2016 and best wishes for the future.

February 4, 2016

FW de Klerk Annual Conference 2016

Multiculturalism and the Constitution

"Multiculturalism and the promotion of positive relations between communities in multicultural societies as a prerequisite for peace, prosperity and a sustainable democracy in South Africa" was the theme of this year's Annual Conference hosted by the FW de Klerk Foundation in cooperation with KAS. Prominent speakers shared their views on why South Africa is still a divided society and what needs to be done in order to protect minorities and ensure their constitutional rights. more…

December 18, 2015

A Happy New Year from the KAS-Team!

By sending out our newsletter for the second half of 2015, which aims to inform you about our recent events in the second half of 2015 as well as to provide you with news and highlights, the KAS team South Africa would like to wish you and your family a great start to 2016! more…

December 7, 2015

KAS/SPL/CFCR Breakfast Series

The Future of Higher Education

Nationwide student protests in recent weeks have highlighted the need to reflect on the status quo of the Higher Education sector in South Africa. Prof. Adam Habib and Prof. Barney Pityana were the guest speakers at this breakfast discussion, which focused on what needs to change. more…

November 20, 2015

Ela Gandhi, Mahathma Gandhis granddaughter debates at DDP

Our KAS partner, the Democracy Development Program (DDP), hosted a very timely forum on 'South Africa's Insurgent Citizens' which aimed to offer a platform to explore the rise of insurgent citizenship in South Africa. Ela Gandhi, Mahatma Gandhis granddaughter, engaged very actively in the debate. more…

November 16, 2015

Conference on Combating Corruption in Cape Town

Stakeholders from over 10 countries on the continent convened from the 3-6 November 2015 in Cape Town to explore effective measures to fight corruption in Sub-Saharan Africa. The international conference was jointly organised by the KAS-Rule of Law Program for Sub-Saharan Africa and its partner, the Institute for Accountability in Southern Africa (IFAISA). more…

October 7, 2015
NEASA hands over a painting of Konrad-Adenauer to KAS

NEASA hands over a painting of Konrad-Adenauer to KAS

Gerhard Papenfus, the Chief Executive of the National Employers´ Association of South Africa (NEASA), hands over a painting of Konrad-Adenauer to the KAS-office Johannesburg.

August 13, 2015

KAS/SAIIA Annual Careers Evening

A Successful Annual Careers Evening for South African Students in the Field of Humanities.

About 300 students attended the annual event hosted by KAS and SAIIA. A very successful occasion in which the students got the opportunity to meet and engage with very prominent speakers as Leslie Maasdorp, Vice President of the BRICS New Development Bank. more…

June 9, 2015
South Africa’s Public Protector Thulisile Madonsela and Thomas Heilmann, Senator of Berlin on Justice and Consumer Protection

German-South African discourse on the role of public advocates

Thomas Heilmann (CDU), Senator of Berlin on Justice and Consumer Protection, held talks with South Africa’s Public Protector as part of his visit to South Africa. The conversation with ombudswoman Thulisile Madonsela addressed the role of public advocates in light of legal frameworks and legislative processes.

May 21, 2015

KAS-Dialogue Programme 2015

German-South African discourse on social partnership and collective bargaining

In light of pressing socio-economic challenges that South Africa faces, questions on labour relations, collective bargaining and social partnership arise. A South African five-member delegation consisting of high-profile representatives from government, academia, business and civil-society engages with German counterparts on these matters. The KAS-Dialogue Programme enables information exchanges in Berlin and Erfurt from 31.05-06.06.2015.