New KAS-research assistant introduces himself

I’d like to introduce myself as the new research assistant at the office of the Konrad-Adenauer-­Stiftung (KAS) in Cape Town. Since October 2016 I study Philosophy and Political Science at the Ludwigs-­‐Maximilian-­‐University in Munich. I use my time in Cape Town to gather working experience in a foreign country for the diplomatic school of the Auswärtiges Amt in Germany.

The reason why I’ve chosen the KAS for an internship is that the Foundation offers the opportunity to get an insight into the political as well as socio-­‐economic status quo of each country, which you won’t get from books or other media. Furthermore South Africa as a young democracy offers the chance to see how this country is evolving and how the government and its citizens run this beautiful country. As a student of political science it is important for me to get a better understanding of the political and social developments and trends. I came to KAS in July 2016 after I finished my Bachelor thesis. I wanted to use the time between Bachelor and Master to improve my skills in the area of political education. That is why I applied as an intern at the KAS-­‐office in Sachsen. After three months of interesting work, I decided that my next internship would be abroad. For various reasons, I’ve chosen South Africa as my new destination. This country is ideal for me due to my great interest in Ethic and political Philosophy. During my Bachelor, I started an interests in humanitarian interventions in connection with our western ideas of Democracy and Human Rights. South Africa offers the opportunity to observe how a young democracy deals with foreign support in terms of political and economic development cooperation and how it makes use of it. Is it justifiable to rethink traditional values and entrenched social norms of living and try to reform or renew them? Furthermore how do traditional values correlate with modern concepts of politics and society? These are some of the questions that I asked myself before I arrived here in Cape Town and which I hope to find an answer for during my stay in this country. I see this research position as a chance to widen my knowledge about this country and the area of political education and analysis. Furthermore the time in South Africa will surely impact positively on building up confidence and personal strength.


Republic of South Africa, September 5, 2017