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Our country profile summarises key data on history, politics, economy and society of the Republic of South Africa. It also presents basic information that will help you in getting an initial overview of the economic, social and political situation in South Africa. Graphical elements illustrate the listed information.

In this overview document, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation offers up-to-date information on South Africa (as of April 2018). In addition to basic information on the Republic of South Africa, information about historical, political, economic and social processes is presented. Data on all relevant areas is presented with numerous statistics and illustrations.

South Africa's political system is presented at national and provincial level. South Africa's executive, judiciary and legislative branches are all taken into account. The Report includes information about: South African Ministries, South African Ministers, South African Provinces, South African Elections, Distribution of seats in the National Assembly and the National Council of Provinces, Distribution of seats in the South African Parliaments, South African Political Parties (ANC, DA, COPE, IFP, NFP, EFF, UDM, FF+, ACDP, PAC, APC).

South Africa's economy is analysed using macro and microeconomic indicators. The individual economic sectors are considered separately. Information on the following topics is included: SWOT Analysis South Africa, GDP South Africa, inflation rate South Africa, GDP South Africa by sector, government expenditure for education, health, development, security and public services, trade partners South Africa, export and import statistics, national debt South Africa, national budget South Africa, GDP per capita South Africa, development funds South Africa, sectors of development cooperation South Africa. A comparison with EU countries, the USA, neighbouring African countries and BRICS countries is used to analyse South Africa's level of development. The report also provides information on the education of South African children and adolescents.

Important historical facts about South Africa are also presented. A historical overview (3.5 million years - 2018) provides information on South Africa's original population, South African languages, the Boer Wars, the founding of the Republic of South Africa and current political processes in South Africa.

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Republic of South Africa, April 26, 2018


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