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How do traditional donors respond when beneficiary countries set up their own aid agencies?

Case Studies of India, Brazil and South Africa

The creation of dedicated aid agencies in emerging donor countries is a relatively new feature. Since many of these emerging donors are also recipients of Official Development Assistance, this institutionalization and professionalization of their development assistance raises some difficult questions. How do traditional donors perceive this new development in beneficiary countries and how do they respond to it in terms of aid allocations and co-operation arrangements? These are the fundamental questions that this research paper which forms part of a Master thesis aims to address. more…

Christina Teichmann | July 31, 2017

Political Parties in South Africa

Do they undermine or underpin Democracy?

Offering a new contribution to the assessment of the health of South Africa´s political system, the book launch held in Durban on July 25 gathered authors as well as an interested audience to introduce and discuss the new publication. more…

Event Reports | July 31, 2017

G20 and Africa: BusinessDay TV-Interview with Tilmann Feltes

G20 and Private Investments in Africa

Sustainable and inclusive growth in Africa was on the agenda at the recent Group of 20 meeting in Germany where the G20 Africa Partnership was launched. The programme is aimed at creating jobs in a way that will alleviate poverty and inequality. This week's episode of Africa Inc takes a look at the details of the agreement with Tilmann Feltes from the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation (KAS). more…

Tilmann Feltes | July 18, 2017

Climate Report 2017: South Africa

Private Sector and Climate Finance in the G20 Countries

South Africa is fossil fuel dependent, with approximately 90 per cent of its energy derived from coal. Per capita, it is in the top 15 carbon emitters in the world. South Africa’s climate change response policy frameworks include a commitment to reduce its GHG emissions to below business-as-usual by 34 per cent by 2020, and 42 per cent by 2025. In order to achieve these commitments, additional financial investments – from both public and private sources – are required. more…

Tilmann Feltes, Prof. Dr. Oliver C. Ruppel | July 14, 2017


My name is Franziska Ohlig and I herewith officially introduce myself as the new KAS Research Assistant in Johannesburg, South Africa. I am thankful for the opportunity to not only get to know the culture, the country and its people but also to receive hands-on training in the field of international politics and cooperation. I therefore hope that I can contribute to the success of the KAS project "South Africa" with my work. more…

July 4, 2017