Atlantic Council/KAS cooperation

Report of the Task Force on the Future of Iraq

The Task Force on the Future of Iraq was founded in 2016 by the Atlantic Council with the support of KAS to advice the US government on its future Iraq policy. In its final report, the task force advocates a long-term US engagement in Iraq with a focus on good governance and security sector reform. more…


“The future of a whole region is at stake“

With the expected military defeat of the Islamic State, questions about the future of Iraq are again on the agenda. In order to gain insight into the situation on the ground, KAS Deputy Secretary General Dr. Gerhard Wahlers visited central Iraq and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq for five days. more…

Future challenges in Iraq

MP Tobias Zech visits Baghdad, Erbil and Sinjar

From 5 to 10 April, KAS hosted CSU-parliamentarian Tobias Zech in Baghdad and in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI). Zech was one of the first German politicians to visit the almost completely destroyed Yazidi city of Sinjar, which was liberated by Kurdish Peshemerga in late 2015. more…



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Previous events

May 22

Return and reintegration of Yazidi refugees in Sinjar


May 15

The role of Imams in ethno-religious reconciliation

Second KAS/WEO workshop on religious tolerance in Iraq

Mar. 20 - 21

The ISIS Provinces: Decline or Continued Impact?

KAS holds conference on the future of the ISIS provinces and cells

Mar. 8 - 9

The Middle East Post-ISIS: Old Challenges, New Opportunities

KAS and IRIS hold forum on ways to tackle problems in the region


Report on the future of Iraqi minorities in the liberated territories

IILHR and KAS officially launch report in the European Parliament

With the recent liberation of territory by Iraqi security forces from the so-called Islamic State (IS), the question about the future of the ethno-religious minorities in Iraq is pressing. Against this background, the Institute [...] more…

The Future Role of the Hashd al-Shaabi in Iraq

KAS and Maison du Futur publish policy paper on the Shia militias in Iraq

The Shia militias of Iraq, known as the Hashd al-Shaabi, have now been institutionalized as a permanent security force under the Iraqi state, and with upcoming elections, these militias are positioned to emerge as key political [...] more…

Report of the Task Force on the Future of Iraq

KAS-supported expert group recommends long-term US engagement in Iraq

With the prospect of a military defeat of the so-called Islamic State (IS) in Mosul, there is a need for a strategy for the stabilisation of Iraq in the future. Over the last year, the Task Force on the Future of Iraq, an expert [...] more…

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