Return and reintegration of Yazidi refugees in Sinjar


May 22 Monday


May 22, 2017


Divan Hotel, Erbil, Iraq



After 2016, the KAS Syria/Iraq Office and the Iraqi Women Empowerment Organization (WEO) will host a second conference on the possibilities of a return of the Yazidis to Sinjar. The conference will take place on 22 May 2017 in Erbil.

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Almost three years after the horrible images of the ISIS massacres committed against the Yazidis made headlines all around the world, many Yazidis dream of returning to their homes. However, until now, very few members of the religious minority have returned to the region freed from ISIS in November 2015. The reasons for this are as varied as they are complex: lack of reconstruction, an unclear security situation and the insecure political future of Sinjar keep many Yazidis from returning home. Still, their return is desirable for all parties in the conflict.

On 22 May 2017 KAS and WEO will host a conference in Erbil dealing with the measures necessary to facilitate the Yazidis’ return. The conference marks the end of a workshop series conducted by WEO in the liberated areas together with local authorities, political parties, militias and displaced persons. The results of these workshops will be presented and then discussed with high-ranking Kurdish officials and representatives. The aim of the conference is to identify preconditions that have to be created in order to enable the return of the Yazidis to Sinjar and a general improvement of their livelihood in the region.

With the workshop series and the conference, KAS and WEO continue their successful cooperation on the reintegration of Yazidis in Sinjar. A first conference on the topic was held in August 2016. This 2017 conference therefore aims to analyse to what extent local authorities have so far implemented the policy recommendations from last year.

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