Iraq’s War Against the “Islamic State” After Mosul

Strategies and Challenges in the Post-territorial Phase of the IS

September 13 Wednesday


September 13, 2017


Al-Nahrain Center for Strategic Studies, International Zone, Bagdad, Iraq



The Al-Nahrain Center For Strategic Studies and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation’s Syria/Iraq Office will host a conference in Baghdad on 13 September 2017 on counter-terrorism strategies and long-term challenges in the future fight against IS in Iraq.

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On July 9, 2017 Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi announced the liberation of Mosul from the Islamic State (IS). The re-conquest of Mosul, the de-facto capital of the IS, marks a climax in Iraq’s symmetric fight against IS, but not the end. The military operations against IS in Hawija and the Euphrates Valley are yet to be completed, albeit the full territorial defeat of the organization is expected for mid-2018.

How will the territorial defeat of IS affect Iraq’s future fight against the group and what are the new challenges it implies? The continued presence and increased use of guerrilla tactics and terrorist attacks in liberated areas such as Ramadi and East Mosul suggest that, in Iraq, the IS has already started to reconvert into an underground organization. Thus, the Iraqi security forces have to adapt their strategies accordingly, as the demand for counter-terrorism, policing and intelligence work increases.

Besides the prolonged fight against IS as an insurgency, Iraq faces the challenge of reintegrating former supporters of the caliphate and tackling the conditions which have enabled the rise of groups like AQI and IS in the first place. An essential requirement of a successful long term stabilization of Iraq and especially the liberated areas is the de-radicalization of former IS supporters and reconciliation of the Iraqi population.

Against this background, the Al-Nahrain Center For Strategic Studies and the Konrad-Adenauer Foundation’s Syria/Iraq Office invite international experts to Baghdad to lead a discussion with Iraqi experts and practitioners on the characteristics and challenges of the future fight against IS.


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